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11-09-2005, 01:27 AM
Family of woman left in ditch anxious for answers


We're learning more about the Blaine woman found dead in a ditch near Northfield over the weekend.

Police say someone murdered 33-year-old Laura Lynn Demeules, the mother of three, and dumped her body in an isolated area of Rice County.

Demeules had lead a rough life, but friends and family say Demeules was conquering her addictions.

Her father, Duane Demeules, says the death of his daughter is simply unimaginable, the pain unbelievable.

"I never expected something like this. You hear of stuff happening, but until it happens to you.it's just unreal."

Police say Laura Demeules was last seen Saturday around 34th Avenue South in Minneapolis.

Her body was found miles away near Northfield, dumped in a ditch near a driveway on a rural road just off of Interstate 35. Police say Laura had been assaulted, possibly strangled.

"The biggest thing right now is all the unanswered questions. The fact that they don't who did this and why they did what they did," said family friend Lisa Goenner.

Questions this family hopes someone will be able to answer. They say Laura was a loving mother of three. But she had lived a life, beyond her 33 years.

"We really feel that whoever did this really took advantage of her vulnerability," said Lisa.

Laura's vulnerability was drugs. She had once been addicted to them and as a result, she was arrested several times. But her family says Laura was getting help and had just finished a drug treatment program.

Laura's cousin Trish Douglas said Laura was really trying, "She finally decided I gotta get my life together. I wanna live. I wanna be a good person."

Lisa said what she may not have lived a perfect life, but "To be found like that just thrown there like she was garbage. It's just so wrong."

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11-30-2005, 12:58 AM
I wonder if there is anything new on this case?

06-15-2015, 07:34 PM
From July 2008:


The murderer of a Minneapolis woman whose body was found in rural Northfield in 2005 was sentenced to 26 years in prison on Thursday in Rice County District Court.

Antonio Medina, 34, confessed to killing 33-year-old Laura Lynn DeMeules after a state DNA database linked him to the murder...

According to his confession, Laura Lynn DeMeules and Medina met each other in Minneapolis for the first time on the night of Saturday, Nov. 5, but got into an argument in his truck. Medina pinned her down and choked her, consistent with an autopsy that listed multiple traumatic injuries as the cause of death. He then drove south on Interstate 35, exited near Northfield and dumped her naked body in a ditch on 90th Street West, where it was found the next afternoon.