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Reconstruction of Victim by Lynn Cedarstaff

Unidentified Hispanic / Latino Female

* The victim was discovered on April 1, 1994 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California

Vital Statistics

* Estimated age: 50 years old
* Approximate Height and Weight: 4'9; 136 lbs.
* Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair; brown eyes. Scar on abdomen.
* Clothing: She wore a floral print blouse, coat, and tan slacks, size 12.
* Jewelry: Seth Thomas clock, black radio with headphones, 3-bracelets, rose pendant, pendant with "C", 8-keys attached to a red cross.

Case History
The victim was found unresponsive on a bench on the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California on April 1, 1994.

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http://www.doenetwork.us/cases/1035dfca.html (http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/1035dfca.html)

Jane Doe on left, Anna on right

Anna Christina Fernandez
Missing since January 29, 1994 from Los Angeles, California.
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

* Date Of Birth: August 23, 1945
* Age at Time of Disappearance: 48 years old
* Height and Weight at Time of Disappearance: 5'0"; 130 lbs.
* Distinguishing Characteristics: Hispanic female. Black hair; brown eyes.
* AKA: Cristina Anna Callejas; Anibal Fernandez; Maria Filley
* Dentals: Not available

Circumstances of Disappearance
Fernandez was last seen on January 29, 1994 in Los Angeles, California.


1. At first glance the photo and the sketch don't resemble each other. I'm surprised the sketch is a reconstruction as they originally found Jane Doe alive, but unresponsive. The photo of Anna shows a lot of makeup.

If you look closely though the nose, cheecks, chin and overall face shape are very similiar.

2. Jane Doe was found in April 1994. Anna was reported missing in January 1994.

3. Jane Doe is estimated to be 50. Anna was 48.

4. Jane Doe was 4'9" and Anna is listed as 5"0" - discrepancy of 3"

5. Jane Doe weighed 136 lbs, Anna is listed as 130 lbs.

6. Both are Hispanic, have black hair and brown eyes.

7. Jane Doe was found in Los Angeles and Anna went missing from Los Angeles - at first glance it looks like a match, but its actually a discrepancy as it is assumed the police would have checked their own missing person's reports.

It is possible that Anna's missing person's report was filed later, but the correct date missing was entered?

I'm not totally sold on this match... but it was close enough to post.

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