View Full Version : Man accused of killing wife, her lover a decade ago finally to go on trial

03-05-2006, 10:06 AM

If Eddie Adib Makdessi's life were an international thriller starring Harrison Ford, some folks would consider it too outlandish to be plausible.

His wife was slain 10 years ago. He claims he was later chased and shot at in Massachusetts. He then moved to the Middle East, married a Russian woman, moved to Moscow, then returned to Virginia Beach to face charges in the killing of his wife and another man a decade before.

Makdessi's strange story will continue Monday with a double-murder trial in Virginia Beach Circuit Court. It is a case filled with foreign intrigue, bizarre twists and about 50 prosecution witnesses.

There are two drastically different versions of how the two 1996 killings happened. Makdessi's fate will hinge on which the jury believes.

His wife's name is Elise Makdessi and she made a video a month before she died accusing the Navy of covering up a bunch of stuff (its not allowed at the trial).

The whole story is at the link.

03-06-2006, 03:33 PM
Virginia Beach Man Goes on Trial for Killing Wife and Other Man
Jury selection began Monday in the trial of a Virginia Beach man accused of a double murder in 1996.

Eddie Makdessi is accused of killing his wife, Elise, and a man, Quincy Brown, in 1996.
Police searched for Makdessi for seven years, and eventually found him in Russia.

This case has had several twist and turns since it began.
In 1996, Makdessi told police that he and his wife were surprised by an intruder. He said the intruder knocked him out, raped his wife and then stabbed her to death. Makdessi said he shot the intruder when he came to. Makdessi had claimed his wife was being silenced about accusations of sexual abuse.

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