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04-13-2006, 04:57 PM
Victim of serial killer Wayne Nance identified

MISSOULA Authorities have identified a victim of serial killer Wayne Nance, nearly 22 years after her body was dumped in the woods near Bonner.

Marcella Bachmann was 16 when Nance shot her three times in the head and dumped her body above Milltown Dam. She had run away from Oregon and had apparently lived with Nance for a time in the Bonner area.

Her body was found on Christmas Eve 1984.

Bachmann's brother was recently searching missing person's Web sites and found a cold case series on K-P-A-X television's Web site. It told of two of Nance's victims who had not been identified.

Derek Bachmann believed one of the victims was his sister and D-N-A tests proved it.

Another victim of Nance's was found about three miles from Bachmann's body in September 1985. She was shot twice in the head, sometime between 1983 and 1985. She has still not been identified.

Nance was killed during a home invasion in September 1986.

04-14-2006, 12:17 PM
Thanks for that update! There's also a mention of this on the cold case thread. Something about this case had always bugged me. I can't remember what show I saw it on.....was it Unsolved Mysteries? It was thought for a long time that this girl's name might be Robin. How sad, but what a relief that she can finally be reunited with her family and put to rest :(

05-05-2006, 09:47 PM
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Just cross-referencing for those who have followed this thread.

Here is some of the info from the link above:

"Authorities identified a victim of serial killer Wayne Nance...nearly 22-years after her body was dumped near Bonner. In December 1984...the sheriff's department recovered her body, but have spent more than two decades trying to find out who she was, where she came from and how she ended up with Wayne Nance.

"DNA helped authorities finally identify one of serial killer Wayne Nance's victims. Her name is Marcella Cheri Bachmann also known as "Marci." Bachmann's brother, Derek, found his sister in a Cold Case series featured on MontanasNews Station.com.

"Marcella Cheri Bachmann was a runaway from Oregon last spotted in Vancouver Washington in early 1984. Case files suggest Bachmann hitch-hiked to the Missoula area and met Wayne Nance at the Cabin Bar in Bonner where he worked as a bouncer. Several workers there say she went by the name "Robin" and lived with Nance.
"Weatherman: "When she was no longer around - he told people she got on a bus and left town."

"But, on Christmas Eve, 1984, hiker encountered a foot sticking out of the snow in the woods above the Milltown Dam. The victim had no name...but later authorities linked the murder to Wayne Nance, serial killer who struck the area in the 1980's. Since then, retired sheriff's captain Larry Weatherman remained committed to the case. It haunted him long after he retired...that this young victim had no name, no one to mourn her...and no proper resting place. Up until this week...her remains were kept in a county storage room.

"Marci's family wants to give credit to the Green River Task force for helping them even after they determined she wasn't a victim of Gary Ridgeway, a Seattle-area serial killer. They also want to thank Missoula County Sheriff's captain Greg Hinz for submitting Marci's DNA to a national registry. "

I couldn't find any info about Bachmann on any of the missing persons websites I visited: doenetwork, charley project, or ncmec. If her info had been posted there, I wonder how much sooner she might have been identified.