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01-14-2004, 09:55 AM
Man, 79, sent to jail for 'degrading' sexual assaults

OWEN SOUND - A 79-year-old man who used icicles, lengths of pipe and motor oil on his elderly partner in "demeaning and degrading" sexual assaults because he had trouble getting aroused was sentenced today to two years less a day in jail.

The man, who wasn't named to protect the identity of the 71-year-old victim, was convicted last April by Justice Julia Morneau on three counts of sexual assault and two counts of threatening to cause bodily harm.

Since then, sentencing has been adjourned several times, including to allow time for the man to have heart surgery. He must also serve a year's probation after his jail term.

The man committed "degrading, dehumanizing and demeaning" acts on the woman, who is "elderly and quite helpless," assistant Crown attorney Peter Leger told the Ontario court earlier.

Court also was told the man turned to bizarre means to satisfy his sexual desires because he had erectile-dysfunction problems as a result of having one testicle surgically removed.

"The range of sentence is one of the most difficult I have faced," said Morneau. The man "shows no remorse and there is no reasonable prospect of rehabilitation," she wrote. "The safety at stake is that of any female that he dates or lives with."

She said the man had no more insight into the "demeaning and degrading" nature of his recent crimes than he did when he was jailed for six months for a bizarre sexual assault in 1965, when he tied up a woman he was dating and hung her from a ceiling hook.

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01-14-2004, 10:26 AM
this old man has some probs....I bet he's done much more in his lifetime that went unreported....Motor Oil and Pipe????? Jeez.....