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Unidentified Native Male

The victim was discovered in Montana, on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in the fall of 2003
State of Remains: Skull and femur only

Vital Statistics

Estimated age: Young

Case History
The skull and femur of this male was located in the fall of 2003 in an area several miles west of Lame Deer, Montana, on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation.

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There is only one Native American male from MT listed on Namus
He is five hours away.
MT MT - John Reamer, 25, Helena, 27 March 1994 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community (http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=33973)
None from Wyoming, ND or SD.

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I don't see any resemblance, but our doe only had a skull and femur that were located.

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Are they sure this isn't old Indian remains?

Jacie Estes
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I'm wondering if it was dentition or bone marrow that helped to determine race/ethnicity ?


Jacie Estes
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Are they sure this isn't old Indian remains?

I wish there was more info about these remains. Here is the link to a website that I used in Anthropology classes, it may answer questions.

Estimating Time of Death
The first question to be asked and probably the most difficult to answer is "how long has it been dead?" Bones do not decay as skin and soft tissue do, but they are subject to weathering and scatter (taphonomy). Animal scattering of bones can destroy the context of the crime scene and gnaw marks destroy actual bone. If a body is buried, insects canot get at it, but micro-organisms can. The acidity of soil will have an effect on bone.

TOD estimates based on environmental factors are from research in Tennessee as follows:
3 weeks -- articulated bones
5 weeks -- some scatter, some articulated
4 months -- disarticulated, within 10' circle
7 to 8 months -- most bones w/in 10' circle and all w/in 20'
1 year -- small bones missing, complete disarticulation
2 to 4 years -- some bones broken, scatterd 40', some large bones missing
12+ years -- bone rot; partial burial*
15 to 20 years -- no surface evidence
* partial burial from leaves, storms, erosion from shallow burial


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If one of the bones they found was a femur, I'm surprised they didn't try to estimate this UID's height.

I'm not seeing any information about how old they think the bones are, and "young" can be a relative term when it comes to estimating a person's age - but, IMO, this missing man from Ontario very strongly resembles the reconstruction. The forehead and cheekbones, especially, are identical.


It seems that McKay was killed in the aftermath of a bar fight, probably at the same location he was last seen in...but, people will go to all sorts of lengths to conceal a murder, including driving 17 hours and into another country(plus, it was much easier to cross the CA/US border in 1987/8).