View Full Version : GUILTY AR - Three dead, 2 injured in shooting at Lee County home, 13 Feb 2007

02-13-2007, 11:05 AM

State Police spokesman Bill Sadler says a sheriff's deputy was wounded. Updated information indicates that three people are dead, and two others are wounded.

authorities are searcing for 46-year-old Gordon Randal Gwathneypic: http://kait.images.worldnow.com/images/6079246_SS.jpg

02-13-2007, 11:38 AM
Dang, something is going around. Lots of multiple shootings in the last 24 hours.

02-13-2007, 08:53 PM
There are a couple of updates at the link above. Those killed were the wife, mother-in-law and father-in-law of the man wanted. Apparently, the wife was in the process of filing for divorce.

Authorities believe he may be in the town I live in because he has a daughter that lives here. I pray they find him some before he can hurt anyone else.

02-14-2007, 02:10 AM
UPDATED Palestine, AR
State Police say Suspect in Killings Arrested at Mexican Border
February 13, 2007--Posted at 9:20 pm CST

LITTLE ROCK- State police say a man being sought after his mother-in-law and her parents were slain in Lee County has been arrested at the Mexican border in Laredo, Texas.

State police spokesman Bill Sadler said 46 year old Gordon Randal Gwathney of Marianna was taken into custody by authorities at Laredo about 7:30 pm this evening. Sadler said he didn't know details of the arrest, such as the agency or number of officers involved.

According to Sadler, Gwathney was apprehended attempting to enter Mexico. He said more details on Gwathney's arrest probably won't be available until tomorrow morning. Police began searching for Gwathney after the shootings early this morning just south of Palestine in eastern Arkansas.

Officers said Gwathney shot his estranged wife's mother and grandparents at their rural Arkansas home, then wounded his brother-in-law and a sheriff's deputy. State Police Major Cleve Barfield said Gwathney was believed armed with a rifle and possibly other weapons when he drove away in a pickup truck from the Lee County residence.

More at link: http://www.kait8.com/Global/story.asp?S=6079246

02-14-2007, 07:51 AM
Dang, something is going around. Lots of multiple shootings in the last 24 hours.

There sure has been, PFM! Glad to read that this suspect, Gwathney, was apprehended before he could get into Mexico. Good job by the authorities!

09-24-2015, 12:30 AM
From July 2008:


Overnight, the family of Gwathney's victims had a change of heart, and decided to waive the death penalty. "We're not going to have a judgement phase," the judge said.

Instead, Gwathney was given three consecutive life sentences...

Gwathney was convicted of killing his mother-in-law, Sylvia Reeves, along with her parents J.O. Mitchell and Evelyn Mitchell... He was also convicted of attempted capital murder for shooting at brother-in-law Travis Reeves and attempted first-degree murder for shooting at then-sheriff's deputy Tracy Jackson.