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Nicknamed "Peaches" by a detective her torso was found in a large plastic container in the woods ten years ago. She is thought to be under 30, possibly a teen. African-American with a light complexion. Scar on abdomen, possibly a c-section scar.

The killer had also left one important clue: a tattoo of a heart-shaped peach with a tear drop was discovered just above her left breast. http://wcbstv.com/topstories/local_story_070211403.html

They have found the tattoo artist and he remembered the girl, but there was no paperwork.
He remembers her saying that she was from NY and visiting friend in Bristol about a year before her death.

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Even though they were found almost ten years apart, the fact that they both had tattoos of fruit on their breasts is too creepy, not to mention they were both possibly of the same race, and found in the same county in New York, and their bodies were dealt with in a similar manner. I wonder if these two women knew each other or were possibly related, seeing as they had similar tattoos on opposite breasts?

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Perhaps the tattoos were done by the same "artist" or maybe there is a gang or "freshman initiation" link? Just guessin'.

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This case is featured on the America's Most Wanted website. Titled: Unknown Nassau County Jane Doe Killer


NY Detective Hopes 10 Year Case Gets Clues

For nearly a decade, Detective William Brosnan has been hoping to identify a slain woman whose torso was found in Nassau County, NY. Now, he's turning to you to find the answers he's been looking for.

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Lora Stubbs?


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From Long Island Press http://www.longislandpress.com/2010/07/01/long-islands-unidentified-murder-victims/

A Connecticut tattoo artist recognized the picture and remembered the girl he had given it to, a young black woman, aged 16-30, visiting from Long Island. She came into his shop with her aunt and cousin, and she mentioned something about having boyfriend problems.

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Bumping. Doenetwork link posted above has an excellent, very clear photo of the tattoo.

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is there any pm photos of this jane doe?

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Only her torso was found.