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11-19-2007, 04:07 PM
Attention All Posters


Apparently its time to review our Terms of Service which is located as a sticky thread at the top of each forum.

4. We strive to provide a safe environment for members to express their ideas without personal attacks or "flames".

Please be polite in your posts.

Any reply that we feel violates this rule including but not limited to, name calling, ad hominem argument, and profane or racist language will be deleted.

If you object to a post, and consider it a flame or insult, please use the "Report bad post" link instead of insulting the poster back.

If you flame others through personal attacks, even in response to a perceived personal attack, you will lose your posting privileges.

Any member who becomes belligerent or requires too much attention from moderators will lose their posting privileges.

In review:

The snide and snarky comments will cease immediately. This applies to the players in the case and to fellow WS members.

Refer to the players of this case by their name or initials and NOT by any other name that fits your fancy.

When you read a questionable post use the alert button located at the top of each and every post. It's a triangle outlined in red. Click on it and type your concern about that post.

Then continue on without mentioning, quoting or otherwise perpetuating the questionable post. Mods will receive an email directing them to the post in question and your job is done.

Also, please remember that the posters can read your posts and/or replies WITHOUT making the font as large and as highlighted as humanly possible. It hurts the eyes and its simply unnecessary.