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08-07-2008, 09:49 PM
This case still haunts me.

I got to thinking about the press conference with the 911 call. We focused on the 911 call and realized that it was a guilt motivator. I didn't follow too much after that, but the other part of the press conference was about Victimology, which we kind of shrugged and didn't, I don't think, pay a lot of attention to that.

Here's a link from notes from a course in Victimology. I thought the theories about how people became victims was interesting, especially
the third theory listed (Cohen and Felson's Routine Activity Theory).


Fascinating and describes this case to a tee, I think.

However, it left me wondering if the early focus on local youths narrowed their focus too much in this case.

They really seem intent on it being local in nature and young people involved.

I am beginning to wonder if Rose's employment change was as much an opportunity to watch over her remaining child as it was to have her present every day in that school in case the killer(s) go there and have an opportunity to see her daily and be reminded of what they did.

LE seems intent on a Tell-Tale Heart like experience where guilt finally overwhelms the criminals and they confess.

08-07-2008, 09:59 PM
Good post, EnvoyDriver61! The topic is interesting and very relevant.

I also like your allusion to the Tell-Tale Heart idea. Of course, one has to presume there is a conscience involved in such a situation.