View Full Version : Please Stop and say Thank You. Maricopa Jane Doe Identified Thanks to WS Members

08-22-2008, 03:51 AM
Dear Websleuths Members,

Many of our members have been working hard behind the scenes to help identify Maricopa Jane Doe. The work these wonderful people did for this sweet girl brings tears to my eyes.

Directly because of all they did Maricopa Jane Doe has been identified and a family has some peace.

Tawni Lee Mazzone went missing in 1999. Today her family found out what happened to their angel only because of the work done by a group of Websleuths members. They have been working on this case for years and years.

To Christine2448, Believe 09 and the other wonderful hard working members of Websleuths let me tell you how proud we are of you and how fortunate we are to have you at our website.

To all of our members of Websleuths please take a moment to read about this amazing story. And please post your thoughts about this case and let the members know what you think of their work.

The link below is the "confirmation of identity" thread but you should read all the threads on this case. It is fascinating and heartbreaking.

Tawni Lee Mazzone can now go home to her family.