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Interesting. The BTK Killer? Haven't heard of him. Maybe because he didn't do in 85 people.


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Apparently a palm print &/or finger print found on letter, being analyzed and submitted into National database.

03-26-2004, 07:19 AM
After 25 years of silence, police have apparently heard again from the BTK Strangler, a serial killer who terrorized the city during the 1970s.

A letter sent last week to The Wichita Eagle contained information on a 1986 killing and included photos that appeared to be of the victim's body. Police are examining the letter for DNA and other evidence.


03-26-2004, 12:07 PM
I lived in Wichita about 3 years ago. I had no idea that a serial killer lived there until reading about the BTK case at The Crime Library.

I sure hope they can finally catch him. I really have to wonder, if he isn't in jail, has he REALLY stopped killing?


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Here's another link with further info. Looks like BTK sent pictures of the victims. Undoubtedly THE GUY.


03-27-2004, 01:22 PM
After 25 years of silence, police have apparently heard again from the BTK Strangler, a serial killer who terrorized the city during the 1970s.

A letter sent last week to The Wichita Eagle contained information on a 1986 killing and included photos that appeared to be of the victim's body. Police are examining the letter for DNA and other evidence.


Hi Doyle, I had started a thread prior to this under "serial killer sends letter 25 years later"

Just wanted to let you know as I know how MODS don't like dual posts.

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This is definitely an odd one. I've read that police theorize that maybe he's been in jail all this time and only recently got out. This just doesn't seem plausible to me for one reason -- with his letter to the newspaper, he also sent along a photocopy of the victim's drivers license and photos of her deceased body. Where would one keep such items for 25 years without someone else finding them or looking? If he has these things from this victim, then he must have the same sort of things from the others also. I dunno. It also is creepy that he sent this along about a victim they didn't even know had been a victim of this killer, sorta like he wanted to be sure he got credit for that one, too. Classic serial perp it seems.

03-27-2004, 10:32 PM
I DUNNO LVSAMYSTRY, my dad is such a clutter king, he's finding things from my grade 1, 2 & 3 school years lately. That's over 25 years. If he hid items in his parents house, it is possible. OR if he dug a deep hole in a very remote place? Who knows. The question is, why is he choosing now to start writing again and did he stop killing all this time.

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I saw an A & E special on this BTK murdere with Bill Curtis (love him) a year or so ago.

The one with the children home was especially bad, they had stayed home from school sick that day.

The brother arrived home from school in the afternoon to find his parents both murdered and ran out of the house for help. When the police searched the also found his 9 year old brother dead on the floor of his room and his 11 year old sister hung from a pipe in the basement.

There was semen on the victims and through the house, they found the public telephone lines had been cut.

What a whack job this guy is and he gets off on sending letters to the media. They are going to get him this time!!!

I wonder how old he will be ~ was he in his 20's in the 70's? or in is 30 or 40's? This case is fascinating but they need to find him quick in case he decides to get some more jollies.

03-28-2004, 03:07 AM
If anyone knows if there are any books or movies about about this BTK serial killer, please post it here. TIA.

I was too young in the 70's and have never heard of this case before either. Very interesting.

Been reading that police say they hadn't heard from him since like 1979 (?) or something, but if he just sent pictures of a victim murdered in 1986, then we know he wasn't in prison at that time. Maybe he served two sentences, for different things. The first one from 1980 - 1985 (guessing), he gets out on parole and then kills again in 1986. There may be more that we don't know of yet, but perhaps he does something stupid (besides the murder, obviously) and lands himself in jail again, this time for a longer time - and now he's back out again. Anything's possible, I guess.

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from the crime library...

03-31-2004, 01:04 AM
from the crime library...

Awesome link, I bookmarked it for further reading. :D Thanks!

04-28-2004, 10:36 AM
Here's an article highlighting this notorious serial killer -- Bind Them, Torture Them, Kill Them.


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Hi ya Misty :)

We have a thread going on this in "crimes in the news"... but I think Cold Cases is a better forum for it.

Here is the link http://websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6149 (http://websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6149)

Maybe Doyle can combine the threads...

I wonder if BTK has been in prison all these years?... I hope they crack this case soon.

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Oh darn, sorry, didn't see there was already a thread for this.

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Oh darn, sorry, didn't see there was already a thread for this.It was not titled so anyone could find it! Anyway, cold cases is a better spot for it.... after 25 years.. it its not cold ~ I don't know what is!

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what if he had a safety deposit box or had someone hide the stuff for him and while he was in jail if he ever was called someone on the phone do they have the payphones tapt? he could have told them to send it out he could have wrote the letter and dated it on the exact day he wanted to send it out years later or he could have been in hiding so that they would forget which they dont and then come back out of hiding and strike again?

05-01-2004, 06:52 PM
If you make phone calls from jail you do not have "reasonable expectation of privacy" That means the phones may be tapped.

06-06-2004, 11:04 PM
They did a recent America's Most Wanted on the BTK killer who has recently re-emerged by sending a letter detailing his past crimes and using info only the killer would know. The people of Wichita must be scared to death. I hope LE is following up on all people who have been recently paroled.

06-24-2004, 04:20 PM

"WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Investigators said Thursday that letters sent to police and a television station appear to be the latest communications from a serial killer who resurfaced this year after more than two decades of silence.
Wichita police received a letter earlier this month describing the 1974 strangulation of four family members - the earliest of eight deaths for which the killer known as the BTK strangler has claimed responsibility.

"We truly feel that he is trying to communicate with us," police Lt. Ken Landwehr said.

The FBI has also confirmed a letter received by Wichita television station KAKE, turned over to police on May 5, is an authentic BTK communication, Landwehr said"

06-24-2004, 06:31 PM
Is anyone familiar with this case? How many murders is he responsible for? Are there any leads or a profile?

06-25-2004, 02:04 PM
Here ya go azlaw,


The whole story is there.


06-25-2004, 06:40 PM
Thanks Aussie

I just read that 6 people on a BTK message board are being looked at as suspects. Here's the message board

Here is the news article

06-25-2004, 08:24 PM
Thanks for the links azlaw

I'm now over at that board reading, veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy interesting!!!


06-26-2004, 11:29 AM
Is anyone familiar with this case? How many murders is he responsible for? Are there any leads or a profile?

I had never heard of the BTK killer until a few months ago and if my recollection is correct, they had him responsible for seven killings; then, this past March he sent LE a letter and enclosed were a drivers license and pictures (post mortem) of an eigth victim from 1986.

This is terrifying. Where has this guy been for 20 odd years? Why has he resurfaced? Will he strike again?

06-26-2004, 05:44 PM
That message board is VERY interesting .I cant belive LE thinks BTK might actually be a poster there! OMG! Thats just crazy!!

The whole BTK thing is fascinating-I hope they find him!!!!!

07-23-2004, 01:46 PM

New BTK communication?

07-26-2004, 09:10 AM
has anyone ever considered that this guy may have been in and out of a mental hospital?
since breaking and entering seem to be a part of this person's pattern, it may be that he was incarcerated for b & e several times. but with the rage he displays it is also possible that he was in mental hosp. in either case he may have been living in a relatives home, and while he was in hosp or prison, his property was just stored. then when he got out, he had access to it again.
or he owned his property. another theory of mine is that he may have married and stopped the killings. then if something happened to the marriage then he killed again.

08-14-2004, 01:56 AM
Is anyone still researching this case? I would like to discuss this case.

08-14-2004, 08:10 PM
I've been over at the board mentioned above (where someone said they have suspects) and it is very wierd over there. It looks like the troublemakers are just the usual trolls, but who knows.

10-30-2004, 10:33 PM
Kansas Serial Killer Resurfaces After 25 Years

WICHITA, Kan. (March 27) - More than two decades have passed since a serial killer terrorized Wichita, strangling or stabbing seven victims and bragging about it to the media.

Police hadn't heard a peep from the killer in 25 years - until now.

This past week, a letter arrived at The Wichita Eagle with information on an unsolved 1986 killing, a copy of the victim's driver's license and photos of her slain body.

The letter, apparently from the killer known as the BTK Strangler, sparked increased demand around Wichita for home security systems.

But it also rekindled hope that modern forensic science can find some clue that finally will lead police to a killer most thought was dead or safely locked in prison for some other crime.

"I don't know why he does all of this, but I hope this will be his fatal mistake by resurfacing this way," Dale Fox, whose daughter Nancy was bound and strangled in December 1977, told The Associated Press.

The letter sent to the Eagle was the first clue that the 1986 killing of Vicki Wegerle might have been at the hands of BTK, an acronym the killer used for "bind, torture and kill."

Six of BTK's victims were strangled; one was stabbed to death. Four were members of one family - two children and their parents. Letters claiming responsibility for the slayings were sent to The Wichita Eagle and KAKE-TV.

The serial killer's first letter was found in a textbook at the public library; he went on to send poems and called police with details of Nancy Fox's slaying. In one letter, he taunted: "How about some name for me, it's time: 7 down and many more to go."

Detectives are looking through lists of inmates who have recently been released, in case the reason they had not heard from the BTK Strangler since 1979 is that he was in prison.

The latest missive arrived at the Eagle on March 19. It contained a single sheet of paper with a photocopy of Wegerle's driver's license and three pictures, each showing the victim in a slightly different pose. Relatives said the license was the only thing they know of that was missing from her home.

Police said they had no crime scene photographs of Wegerle's body because it was removed by emergency medical service workers before officers arrived.

Word about the letter leaked Wednesday night, and police confirmed Thursday they had linked it to BTK. Police will not say why they are convinced it came from BTK and the Eagle said it agreed not to publish several of the details in the letter that led police to the conclusion.

By Friday, police had received 365 tips through an anonymous phone line and e-mail address, said Lt. Ken Landwehr, who has worked the case for than 20 years.

At the same time, the number of calls to SecureNet Alarm Systems have increased almost ninefold since the new letter surfaced, public relations director Chuck Hadsell said.

Thousands of home security systems were installed in Wichita in the 1970s because of the BTK killings, and some of those customers want to update their systems, Hadsell said. For one thing, today's systems are triggered if phone lines are cut, a trademark of the BTK killings in the '70s.

The news struck so hard for Dale Fox that he broke down Thursday when film of his daughter's home was shown on television during a news report about BTK. His daughter's body was so bruised when he went to identify it that it was hard to recognize her.

"It was such a brutal murder," said Ruth Fox, Nancy Fox's stepmother. "To brutally murder someone like BTK has done to his victims, I have no mercy for him at all."

At first, the letter that arrived at The Eagle generated little interest.

"We get letters like this all the time, letters that are not news," said police reporter Hurst Laviana, who was assigned to check it out.

Laviana recognized Vicki Wegerle's name. "I kept thinking this isn't the typical crack letter," he said.

Police Capt. Darrell Haynes told him the letter was probably nothing, and he didn't give it to homicide detectives until Laviana reminded him three days later.

On Wednesday, police told Laviana the letter was authentic. It is being processed for fingerprints and DNA evidence, and evidence from the Wegerle homicide is being reprocessed using technology not available in 1986.

The return address on the letter said it was from Bill Thomas Killman - initials BTK. The address appeared to refer to a now-vacant building.

The letter was mailed in Wichita, Landwehr said Thursday. He said it contained no suggestion that the killer planned to strike again.

Wegerle's sister-in-law, Norma Wegerle, said the family often wondered whether BTK could have been involved in the killing.

"We just want it to be solved so we can get closure," she said. "There's hopefulness that somebody might actually be found. We want it to be solved."

10-30-2004, 10:37 PM
A Timeline of the BTK Killings

A timeline of the killings connected to the serial killer know as the BTK Strangler.

Jan. 15, 1974: Joseph and Julie Otero are strangled in their home along with two of their children, Josephine, 11, and Joseph Jr., 9.

April 4, 1974: Kathryn Bright, 21, is stabbed to death in her home. Police later conclude she was a BTK victim.

October 1974: The Wichita Eagle-Beacon receives a letter from a person claiming to have killed the Oteros, including details of the crime scene only the killer could have known.

March 17, 1977: Shirley Vian, 24, is found tied up and strangled at her house.

Dec. 8, 1977: Nancy Fox, 25, is found tied up and strangled in her home. The killer's voice is captured on tape when he calls a dispatcher to report the crime.

Jan. 31, 1978: A poem, referring to the Vian killing, is sent to The Wichita Eagle-Beacon.

Feb. 10, 1978: A letter from BTK is sent to KAKE-TV claiming responsibility for the deaths of Vian and Fox, as well as another unnamed victim. Police Chief Richard LaMunyon announces a serial killer is at large and has threatened to strike again.

April 28, 1979: BTK waits inside a home, but leaves before the 63-year-old woman who lives there returns. He later sends her a letter letting her know he was there.

Mid-1980s: A new BTK investigation is opened by a group known as "The Ghostbusters," who spend three years employing new techniques such as DNA testing, computer database searches and psychological profiles.

Sept. 16, 1986: Vicki Wegerle, 28, is strangled in her home.

March 19, 2004: A letter arrives at The Wichita Eagle containing a photocopy of Wegerle's driver's license and photos of her body. Police link it to BTK.

10-30-2004, 11:05 PM
Could the following three Unidentified Jane Does possibly be victims of BTK?

Unidentified Caucasian Female

Located on November 1, 1980 in Walker County, Texas.
Cause of death was homicide. The girl was tortured, bitten on the back, sexually brutalized and then strangled.
The victim had been dead for six hours before she was found.

Vital Statistics
Estimated age: 14 - 16 years old
Approximate Height and Weight: 5'0 - 5'3" (most likely 5'2"); 110 - 120 lbs.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Light brown hair past the shoulders, cut in wing fashion. Hazel eyes. A scar was present on her right elbow. Her ears were pierced. Her toenails was painted pink.
Dentals: Her teeth had been well cared for.
Clothing: She was wearing a rectangular-shaped pendant with a smoky blue stone on a gold chain (as seen in the victim's sketch above). She may have been wearing jeans and a yellow shirt. A pair of high-heeled sandals, 3" or 4" inch platforms with light brown straps, had been thrown beside the body.

Case History
The victim had been strangled, tortured and sexually assaulted. Her body was dumped on side of I-45 north, 2 miles north of Huntsville, TX.
The general condition of the body and her overall health and nutrition indicated she had probably come from a middle class home. There were no distinguishing marks or any identification with the body.
When the murder became known through media accounts, several people came forward and said they’d seen a teenager matching her description the day before her body was found.
A witness identified the victim as a girl who had been at the South End Gulf station around 6:30 p.m. Halloween night asking for directions to the Ellis prison unit. She had been wearing blue jeans, a yellow pullover sweater with big pockets that hung below her waist, and she was carrying high-heeled sandals in her hand. To the best of his recollection, she had been let out of a 1973 or ‘74 blue Chevrolet, possibly a Caprice, with a lighter colored top, which was being driven by a white male. She looked disheveled like she had been traveling and perhaps sleeping in her clothes.
She left the station, walking north on Sam Houston avenue. A waitress working at the Hitchin’ Post truck stop out on Interstate 45 said the girl came into the restaurant the same evening and again, asked for directions to the Ellis Unit, saying she had a friend there. A map was drawn for her and she departed. The waitress asked the girl how old she was and the girl responded 19. The witness claimed that was an obvious lie and she then asked her if her parents knew where she was. The young girl replied, "Who cares". The witness then stated she asked her where she was from. The girl replied Aransas Pass/Rockport, TX area. It has not been verified that the girl was the unidentified victim.

If you have any information concerning this young woman's identity, please contact:
Texas Department Of Public Safety 800-346-3243

NCIC Number: U-312231075
The Doe Network: Case File 91UFTX

Unidentified African-American Female Child

Located on February 28, 1983 in St. Louis, Missouri
Cause of death was homicide; the victim was strangled.

Vital Statistics
Estimated age: 8 - 11 years old (DOB circa 1972-75).
Approximate Height and Weight: 4'10"; 70 lbs.
Distinguishing Characteristics: She was well-nourished. She had no scars, deformities or irregularities. Medium complexion.
Clothing: She was wearing a yellow v-necked sweater and 2 coats of red fingernail polish.

Case History
The victim was located in a vacant apartment building on Clemens Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri on February 28, 1983. Two men who were in the basement of the building discovered the young girl. She was lying face-down in the furnace room with her hands tied behind her back with red and white nylon rope. The victim had been sexually assaulted prior to being strangled, which was the cause of her death.
The victim's head had been removed with a large-bladed knife after her death. Her head has never been discovered. She had been killed elsewhere and brought to the vacant building after her death.
There were no signs of previous abuse on the victim's body. There was no specific features that would give clues as to her identity.
The St. Louis authorities have conducted extensive investigations into the victim's identity since 1983 and have received no clear leads. Her murderer(s) remain unknown, although several suspects have been under investigation. No arrests have been made in the case.

If you have any information concerning this young girl's identity or the circumstances surrounding her homicide, please contact: St. Louis Police Department, Detective Thomas Carroll 314-444-5371

NCIC Number: U-470002710
The Doe Network: Case File 54UFMO

Unidentified Caucasian Female
Summerfield Jane Doe

Discovered on September 6, 1986 outside Summerfield, Saint Clair County, Illinois.
The victim had been strangled with a piece of her clothing.
The victim was located within 24 hours of death.

Vital Statistics
Estimated age: 16-21 years old. Estimated date of birth is 1960-1967.
Approximate Height and Weight: 4'11"; 110 lbs.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Curly brown hair; brown eyes. She had a mole on her upper left arm, a small scar on her left shoulder and a scar on the back of her right wrist (possibly from a burn). Small stature, wore children's size clothing.
Dentals: The victim had good oral hygiene with no stain or calculus. She had endodontic treatment in #9 at age 10-12 (early to mid 1970s); lateral incisor endodontics several years later and fabrication of 3-unit FPD; and loss of tooth #30 at very young age, with subsequent good alignment of #29 and #31 (only a 1mm diastema). Other oral findings include: both bridge abutments (maxillary left central and right lateral) had endodontic therapy, the right lateral has a Para Post build up; and right maxillary and left mandibular molars are only partially erupted. Occlusal amalgams have been placed on the maxillary right first bicuspid; the first and second molar and the left second molar; a mesio-occlusal on the left first molar; and occlusal fillings on the mandibular right second molar and left first and second molars. There are proximal mesial caries on the maxillary left first molar, distal of the mandibular first molar and mesial of the second molar. The presence or absence of #16 is unknown; endodontic treatment of #9 is wide fill; endodontic treatment of lateral incisor (#7) is not wide fill; fixed partial denture does not exhibit an access opening (probably fabricated after treatment of lateral incisor; timing of loss of #8 is unknown; alloy radiopacity suggests a base metal substructure; and when viewed from the occlusal, #4 is rotated clockwise. A base was placed under amalgams on #2, 3, 5, 18 and 31 that appears to be zinc phosphate or cement of similar radiopacity. Size of caries on #14, 15, 18 and 19 suggest the victim did not receive active dental treatment for several years prior to her death.
Clothing: She was wearing a salmon-colored bodysuit. She had a gold bracelet on her right wrist. A silver band ring with a clear stone in the middle and an a plain silver band were both worn on her right hand. On her left hand ring finger she wore an opal ring that had 4 opals with a clear stone center. Assorted clothing and jewelry she had been carrying in a travel bag was found at the scene.

Case History
The victim was found by a farmer harvesting corn just outside Summerfield. She had been strangled with a piece of her clothing, and her nude body was left in the cornfield.
Her pelvic area had been savagely slashed and mutilated by a killer who left behind relatively small, Western-style boot prints.
Investigators received a telephone call in August 2002, from a man who described a recent conversation with an acquaintance, a small-time burglar, who in 1986 lived in Summerfield. The caller said his acquaintance talked about killing a young woman and leaving her body in a field near Summerfield. The suspect is in state prison on an unrelated charge.
In 2001, investigators were contacted by a psychic who claimed that the victim came from North Carolina, but a probe of certain landmarks provided by the psychic led nowhere.
Another lead is that the victim may have been a follower of the rock band The Grateful Dead, and was in the metro-east because she was hitchhiking to the band's next concert.

If you have any information on the identity of this woman or the circumstances involved in her murder, please contact: St. Clair County Sheriff's Office,

NCIC Number: U-214712509
The Doe Network: Case File 11UFIL

Dark Knight
10-31-2004, 08:11 AM
Unidentified Caucasian Female
Summerfield Jane Doe

Discovered on September 6, 1986 outside Summerfield, Saint Clair County, Illinois.
The victim had been strangled with a piece of her clothing.
The victim was located within 24 hours of death.

Investigators received a telephone call in August 2002, from a man who described a recent conversation with an acquaintance, a small-time burglar, who in 1986 lived in Summerfield. The caller said his acquaintance talked about killing a young woman and leaving her body in a field near Summerfield. The suspect is in state prison on an unrelated charge.

If you have any information on the identity of this woman or the circumstances involved in her murder, please contact: St. Clair County Sheriff's Office,

NCIC Number: U-214712509
The Doe Network: Case File 11UFILWas the tip in 2002 ever followed up on?? Sounds like a good tip, but it's now been 2 years since then.

Also sounds like the truck driver serial killer who I believe was involved in my 1999 Unsolved Murder thread in this forum.

08-26-2013, 07:29 AM
Here is an article about finding words in the puzzle BTK sent to a Kansas TV station in 2004:


09-01-2013, 05:15 PM
Still think there must be more victims. How did he curb his urges to kill for so many years? Hmmmm....

Mrs G Norris
09-01-2013, 05:18 PM
Still think there must be more victims. How did he curb his urges to kill for so many years? Hmmmm....

If it correct that he 'stopped killing' during the years the DP was applicable in Kansas, and 'resumed killing' when it no longer was then yeah, I think it's more a case of 'convenient confessing' also.

09-01-2013, 05:37 PM
Rader's last known killing was in 1991. Kansas reinstated the death penalty in 1994, having not carried out that punishment since 1965.

09-02-2013, 02:34 PM
I've been reading up on BTK again lately. Both the DA at the time and profiler John Douglas say there are no gaps in BTK's past where he could have committed other murders. He plotted other ones, but never carried them out.

Make of that what you will.

01-20-2014, 09:46 PM
Dedicated Wichita police commander Ken Landwehr laid to rest (http://www.kansas.com/2014/01/18/3236920/dedicated-detective-police-commander.html). (Wichita Eagle)

Blondie in Spokane
01-21-2014, 08:35 AM
Oh Wf.....thanks for posting this....I had no idea he died and I'm so sorry to hear that! I read all the info I could find and watched every documentary about BTK years ago and was fascinated! Ken Landwehr was so impressive in catching BTK. I loved his laid back but tough-as-nails demeanor.

RIP Ken!

(This case terrified me!)

04-20-2014, 12:30 AM
BTK describes his own crimes

Editor's note:This article contains graphic and disturbing material.

Dennis Rader's description of his crimes — in letters to police that have just been released to reporters — was far uglier than the emotionless account he gave in court ....

A letter detailing how BTK killed his first four victims portrays a family in terror. ...

Another communication details how Rader developed violent sexual fantasies.

Police caution that he could be lying in both communications....

more at: http://www.kansas.com/2005/07/16/19134/btk-describes-his-own-crimes.html

Take a clue from the editor's note -- this is pretty awful.

This is an older article, but since it seems the BTK thread has not had a lot of activity, thought it might be appropriate to post even now.

04-30-2014, 09:23 AM
New here but have info on the real reason BTK made contact with the WPD after all those years. Not sure if I should post here or on a new thread? I will post on here sorry but this is the first thing that came up in the BTK search. I know why Raider made contact with the WPD, he had contact with the witness that saw him and scared him off all those years ago. Made him leave the house on the West side of Wichita all those years ago. He knew him as soon as their eyes meet that day at work. Shortly after that BTK started making contact with the WPD, if you could of seen the way he locked onto the witness at work that day like I did you would of thought if he could have he would of killed him right then there on the spot.

They both knew who each other were my friend told me about scaring off the intruder from his house and how his family thought that it was BTK. They gave a report to the WPD, and how they were completely blown off by investigators. He also gave me several other bombshells, like how he had seen Raider at the former Wichita Public Library extension in the old Westlink mall. It was closed years ago when the new library was built stalking one of the Women he BTK killed. He talked about cords from blinds that were left out to dry disappearing from the church behind the same library and talking to someone in the police telling them that a man matching Raiders description was seen by the children stealing them? Again blown off by the police as if they didn't want to find this guy or take what was being said by the witness as real.

Finally me and my friend both have tried contacting the FBI, KBI, WPD, several crime investigators about what my friend knows about the case and no one will even bother to return a call or a simple email. They could of stopped BTK/Raider all those years ago, my friend the witness doesn't want to become famous but does want to know why no one bothered to do any follow up or care? Raider came to his house and was going to murder him and his family that day he was scared off due to him and the number of loaded guns in the house. He picked the wrong house to talk his way into that day he would of never left it alive that day if he would of tried anything. I am holding back the details of what happened that day until my friend tells me that he is cool with my posting the story of what went on in the house on West Wichita, and at the Wichita Public Extension Library.

This is not the only serial killer he has come into contact with over his life so he wants to keep his privacy. He knows that there are some that follow BTK are not the right kind of fans. Also feels like there are issues with the investigation by the Police dropping the ball in a big way. Lets call it the witness that is inconvenient to the WPD others. I left out a lot of facts and info to this to give people a chance to ask questions about what happened and if someone wants to know what really happened the day BTK came to kill my friends family, his connection to them, the stalking, my friend leaving town and then coming into contact with Raider all those years latter.

Maybe people don't care now that BTK is in prison, but this could've been taken care of a lot sooner if someone would of taken some time to listen. They still don't have all the fact, then again people don't seem to care about things like that, they seem to get in the way of things phony heroes and egos, lies about shoulda, woulda, couldas, by the WPD, others. Feel free to ask any questions this is not the only one I will be commenting on. I have info on some of the others I have been investigating. Missing persons, and happy to help is I am able so are my friends if we can. Again new to the site so sorry if I should of started a new string for the new BTK info to get people interested. CP

04-30-2014, 11:01 AM
Am very curious to know how one could be unfortunately enough to come in contact with not one but two serial killers if one was not in LE.

10-07-2014, 06:26 AM
He is writing a book and says that the proceeds will be going to the victims' families. Personally, I think this is an insult and a way of him of courting the media again.


12-09-2014, 10:54 AM
Kerri Rawson, the daughter of BTK serial killer Dennis Rader, broke the family’s nine-year silence Thursday and talked about her father’s 10 murders.

An interview by writer Stephen King about the upcoming movie “A Good Marriage” prompted her to break the self-imposed silence, she said.

The movie, adapted from one of King’s short stories, is about a wife who suddenly discovers her husband is a serial killer. Rawson, 36, learned on Wednesday that the movie was inspired by her father and her family.

“He’s exploiting my father’s 10 victims and their families,” she said.

She said she, her brother and her mother didn’t know that her father was BTK until the FBI told her in February 2005, shortly after Dennis Rader’s arrest.

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