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09-29-2008, 06:29 PM
Post LINKS to websites that list alerts that are currently in place here

01-12-2009, 01:04 AM
Due to the number of Nevada laws regarding missing persons the list below is provided.

Advocate, powers and duties of Children’s Advocate, 432.157, 432.340, 432.350
Agencies which provide child welfare services, authority to provide information to assist in locating child, 432B.165
Attorney General, duties generally, 432.155-432.220
Bulletin, preparation and distribution, 432.160
Certificates of birth; Duties of State Registrar upon receipt of report of missing child, 432.205
Requests for certificates, restrictions on issuance, information on requestor submitted to Clearinghouse, 440.327
Children’s Advocate, duties, 432.157
Definition, 432.150
Director, preparation and distribution of bulletin, 432.160
Receipt of information, notification to certain agencies and schools, 432.200, 432.205, 440.327
Definition, 432.150
Disaster Identification Team, State, access to records, 414.290, 432.170, 480.500
District attorneys, duties generally, 432.155, 432.157
Educational records, restrictions on release, 432.205
Fingerprinting for identification purposes, 432.140
Identifying information, request for and use of, 432.200
Investigation Division, duties, 432.200, 480.460
Law enforcement agencies
Acceptance of reports including report by telephone, 432.200
Children’s Advocate, provision of assistance on request, 432.157
Clearinghouse, transmittal of information to, 432.200, 432.205
Criminal investigations, priority, 432.153, 432.155
Evaluation of information, 432.190
Federal records and information, use, 432.210
Found or returned child, notification, 432.200
National Child Search Assistance Act, compliance required, 432.200
National Crime Information Center, notification of information, 432.200
Preliminary investigation and classification of disappearance, 432.200
Training in handling of cases required, 289.510
Transmittal of information to Investigation Division, 432.200
Waiting period or delay before acting on report prohibited, 432.190
Warrant for arrest, acquisition, 432.185
Legislative intent, 432.153
License plates for support of missing children, 432.154, 482.3793
Notification that child found or returned, 432.200
Parent Locator Service, agreement for use of services, 432.220
Priority for cases concerning abducted children, 432.155
Program to Coordinate Activities and Information
Director, powers and duties, 432.170
Establishment, 432.170
Reports of missing children
Acceptance of all reports required, 432.200
Contents of report transmitted to the Clearinghouse, 432.205
Evaluation of information and circumstances of disappearance, 432.190
Preliminary investigation and classification, 432.200
Waiting period or delay before taking action prohibited, 432.190
Schools- Enrollment documents, notice to police of certain requests, 392.165, 394.145
Informational programs
Private educational institutions, 394.175
Program to Coordinate Activities and Information, establishment, 432.170
Public schools, 388.585
State Board of Education, duties, 385.115
Records, restrictions on release, 432.205
State Disaster Identification Team, provision of information to, 432.170
Statewide Alert System for the Safe Return of Abducted Children, 432.300-432.380
Suspects in child’s disappearance, transmittal of information relating to, 432.200
Conservators for members of Armed Forces and merchant seamen, ch. 161
Definition, 156.120
Dental records of missing persons, use in identification of dead bodies, 480.500
Disaster Identification Team, State, access to records, 414.290, 432.170, 480.500
Estates of missing persons (See ESTATES OF DECEDENTS)
Findings of presumed death, ch. 55
Genetic tests, use to establish identity of person or dead body, 629.151, 629.171
Identifying information from providers of medical care, receipt and use, 480.500
Investigation Division, duties, 480.460
Law enforcement agencies, duties, 480.500
National Crime Information Center, submission of information to, 480.500
Notification by next of kin or guardian that person found, 480.500
Presumption that person not heard from in 3 years is dead, 47.250
Report, procedure following receipt by law enforcement agency, 480.500
Repository for Information Concerning Missing Persons
Creation, contents, retention of records, 179A.400
Dental examination of dead body, submission of record to Repository, 480.500
Dissemination of information, 179A.400
Identifying information, submission to Repository, 432.200, 480.500
Reports, submission to Repository, 480.500
Toll-free number for dissemination of information, 179A.410


Nevada AMBER Alert
Nevada Amber Alert Criteria:
Law enforcement agencies ensure these conditions are met before activating an AMBER ALERT:
• The investigating law enforcement agency confirms an abduction has occurred.
• The victim is 17 years of age or younger, or has a proven mental or physical disability.
• The victim is in imminent danger of serious injury or death.
• There is information available that, if provided to the public, could assist in the child's safe recovery.

This is an image-based system linking state, county and local law enforcement. TRAK can capture and immediately distribute color photographs and images to law enforcement agencies, the media and other organizations. The system can also forward information via fax to businesses, hospitals, schools, the media and agencies without a TRAK system.

EDIS delivers official information about emergencies and disasters to law enforcement, news media and the public in California. Electronic emergency bulletins posted to EDIS are available by e-mail and pager from various providers, who voluntarily provide this service. In addition, text messages and color images and graphics can be posted on the EDIS Web site (www.edis.ca.gov) for access by the media, law enforcement agencies and the public.


Subscribe to Amber Alert Listserv (”http://amberalert.nv.gov/AMBER_Subscribe.asp”)