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Georgia PI
12-04-2008, 01:01 PM
Ping Map for June 14, 2008

Discuss that day only.

I have requested this thread because the information of that day's event's are getting scattered throughout the pings thread and is making it difficult to keep up with the information

Warning - Please discuss that days events only here.

Ping Map for June 14, 2008


Georgia PI
12-04-2008, 01:07 PM
From the Calendar

June 10-30 Amy did not see Casey only heard from her with phone and text
Page 1041 Lines 14-16 Amy H. Interview with LE on 7/23/2008

June 10-16 Brian B. was away on vacation with his family in Chicago arriving back home about 6:00PM.
Page 1385 Lines 23-25 & Page 1386 Lines 1-2, 11-12

June the Middle of the Month Jamie R. states that Casey was suppose to come and pick her up in Oviedo. They had planned to hang out but Casey had called her and said she was going to just stay in the Orlando area because she had been downtown with a friend and had gotten a speeding ticket. Jamie had called Casey the next day and Casey told her she had gotten really drunk and was sick. [Choose the Saturday in the middle of this month no clear date given]
Page 781 Lines 1-25 & Page 782 Lines 1-4 Jamie R. Interview With LE 8/19/2008. NOT SURE ABOUT THIS POST

Casey 'drops off the face of the earth' with RM's group of friends. (RM interview, p. 16, lines 9-13)

June 14 Jesse states that no one had any contact with Casey
Page 1514 Lines 12-14 Jesse G. Interview with LE 7/23/2008

KC and AH Text Messages 6/14/08

First initials are who received the text message; second initials are who sent the text message

KC AH Hey, do you think we can tow my car to your place? We are going to fix it and sell it. I just have to put it somewhere until my dad can come up to do the work. Probably. The first weekend in July.

KC AH OK. I finally got Will going. We are about to leave to see his buddy about towing. Where is Tony’s place so I can tell them and the name of it again?

AH KC 06/14 6:09 PM Sutton Place. On University between Goldenrod and Forsyth.

KC AH Sweet. Thanks love. Once I have details I’ll text.

AH KC 06/14 6:10 PM Awesome.

KC AH We are on our way with the tow truck to my house so we should be at Tony’s in like 30.

AH KC 06/14 8:20 PM Awesome.

AH KC 06/14 8:21 PM He said it doesn’t matter where you park it.

KC AH Awesome. Thanks to you both.

AH KC 06/14 8:23 PM Anytime love! I’ll get it towed to the house one day this week.

KC AH You don’t think we can leave it there?

AH KC 06/14 8:25 PM Actually we probably could. I don’t see why not. I’ll check with the people at his clubhouse tomorrow morning.

KC AH I can get a cover for it. It just seems silly to keep towing it.

AH KC 06/14 8:27 PM Agreed. That’ll work.

KC AH Is it on the left or right?

AH KC 06/14 8:55 PM Depends on which way you're coming. If you’re coming from Goldenrod it’s on the left. From 436 or Forsyth it’s on the right.

Few days prior to June 17, 18, 19 Chris saw her at Scoops (on 50 & Alafaya) that’s when she came over a few days later that June 17,18, 19 day. Doesn’t know if Casey was with anyone at the bar. [Scoops Orlando 11726 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando Fl 32817 Southwest corner of Alafaya Trail and Colonial Blvd]
Page 703 Lines 20-25, Page 704 Lines 1-16 Chris S. interview with LE on July 30, 2008 (Typed as June)

June 11-18 Troy is in D.C. actually Northern Virginia is home.
Page 1326 Lines 1-2, 6-9 Troy B. Interview with LE on 7/25/2008
Troy B. Interview with LE on 7/25/2008

01-16-2009, 01:34 PM
The following bridges 6/13 to 6/14 and will place it on both threads...as well as the 6/10-6/14 thread...and...the "Kristina...Globe" thread in the main forum...

Casey's last ping @ Fusian is @ 10:58PM (which I believe is a text from Adam/Kristina to come get Caylee), then, she texts Tony from near Andy F's house (Kristina's???) @ 1:39AM and finally places 3 calls to Cindy @ 2:48AM pinging from Tony's apt. By 3:12AM 6/14 Casey is pinging @ G&C's.

Since it only took Casey ~20mins to get from Tony's to G&C's it appears she went directly there...suggesting to me that,

(a) Caylee had been sleeping in the Pontiac while Casey was with Tony @ his apartment for... something less than the hour...that it took to get from near Andy F's @ 1:39AM (Kristina's??) to Tony's apartment, until 2:48AM.


(b) Casey had taken Caylee to G&C's after picking her up from Kristina's between 11PM 6/13 and 1:39AM 6/14. Then, Casey ran up to Tony's alone.

Since Casey initiated the calls to Cindy @ 2:48AM, I speculate that (b) is the more likely of the two options...Casey took Caylee to G&C's around 2AM, then, ran up to Tony's and was calling home to tell Cindy she wouldn't be coming back until later Sunday. And Cindy told her to get home and tend to Caylee...and Casey promptly came home.

Georgia PI
01-16-2009, 06:11 PM
Kristina's address added to June 14 map as requested.

05-22-2009, 05:03 PM
Anyone got a ping map for Tony L for this date? Would love to see it juxtaposed with the one for Casey.