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05-13-2004, 09:16 AM
I find this to be a very strange case, that is just evolving in the news.

Here is a link to news on Stacy-Ann Sappleton, 26, of Tecumseh, Ontario, found dead.


Anyone reading here from Canada or NY, comments or followups on the news from your area of the world.

She never told her mom she was going to NY to visit her inlaws. The fiance was still in Canada, why did he not go with her? The cab she took to the house must have identified her clothing, the cab driver got her to the 'potential new in-laws front door', BUT the in-laws never saw her.

Big duhs going around in my mind, screwy.

05-13-2004, 09:40 AM
Whoa! Now that is strange and mysterious case!

I feel weird about this, too, Camper! If she made it to the door of her in-law's home, did they see her? I'm baffled!


05-13-2004, 03:50 PM
Whoa! Now that is strange and mysterious case!

I feel weird about this, too, Camper! If she made it to the door of her in-law's home, did they see her? I'm baffled!


I think the in-laws were at work, and left the front door unlocked so she could let herself in. No one was home except the groom-to-be's brother, who was sleeping in the basement. Supposedly the mother-in-law and the girl had an appointment that afternoon to meet with a photographer and look at the hall for the wedding. I will look for a link with more info when I get back from picking up kids.

I'm wondering if maybe she startled the brother sleeping in the basement, he thought she was an intruder and shot her? Maybe he just doesn't want to admit what happened yet.

Just my speculation.

05-14-2004, 03:24 AM
Good Theory Juliana. Or maybe the fiance's brother made advances toward her and she resisted firmly or insulted him. Maybe fiance's brother is psycho and family never knew. :eek:

Here is something interesting found on the same page as the story Camper linked. Maybe a weird coincidence... or maybe a Son-of-Sam type killer who hides near dumpsters?? :confused:


05-14-2004, 07:55 AM
I am wondering what time of day she arrived, IF IF brother was still sleeping! He could just work a night shift and arrived in early am to sleep or, hmmm.

You could be right Babcat, sounds like not a good plan to be around trash dumpsters in the wee hours.

Wonder how they cleared the cab driver? Also wonder how much cash she may have had with her, grasping at straws here.

05-14-2004, 01:48 PM
It certainly will be interesting to see how this unfolds.

Where are her clothes, purse, and luggage?

Did she make it inside the house?

Cab driver probably called in and took another fare right after. That may be how he was cleared.

It is strange that she went to work on her wedding plans and didn't tell her mother.

05-14-2004, 07:33 PM
could find some New Yorkers to keep us posted on this case.

Great thoughts joanie 10.

05-14-2004, 08:45 PM

That's an absolutely precious signature. Too too cute! :clap:

How is that Kyle doing?

How close is Queens to the Bronx where the garbage worker was shot? I don't know the distances or layout of NYC very well at all. I wonder if the same type of gun (caliber etc.) was used. It's really suspicious that her clothes were missing. That doesn't sound much like a Son-of Sam type. It sounds more like a sexually based crime. I'm leaning more toward the fiance's brother on this one if the police are certain the cab driver is clear. The driver drops her off at the home... not just at the corner of the block as I read it. And no one was home but brother. It isn't looking good for brother unless he's been fully cooperative, given blood sample, taken polygraph etc. If he has done all those things and he is looking clear... super weird case for sure. My next focus would be a very near neighbor to the fiance's parents who may have been "helpful" in appearance... "Come on inside. You can wait here. I'm sure they will be home soon." That kind of thing.

05-14-2004, 09:37 PM
Kyle is gorgeous, walking like a champ, approximately 30 word vocabulary. Still has lots of hair, and a 'little boy haircut' one year old now!

I am wondering if someone monitors the cab calls, and picks on people coming from the airport, with money travelers checks etc.? I am still interested in what time of day she came in, if brother was sleepin, was it really early am before the streets started bustling?

Posted by Juliana "I think the in-laws were at work, and left the front door unlocked so she could let herself in. Was this info in the link, I am feeling too lazy to look right this minute?

05-15-2004, 01:25 AM
I think the in-laws were at work, and left the front door unlocked so she could let herself in. No one was home except the groom-to-be's brother, who was sleeping in the basement.
I was thinking maybe they were at work, and the door was locked. No one answered, and she wandered...next door, across the street, down the block, somewhere to find a phone, perhaps, and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Or maybe it really was the cab driver....and they are trying to make him think he is clear so he'll make a mistake... ;)

05-15-2004, 08:54 AM

"Blair told cops Sappleton had never been to Queens before, but police found evidence that she had lived in Hollis in the past. Detectives were investigating a series of short airline trips she took, as well as repeated phone calls to someone in Detroit, police sources said. "


"With the exception of the monster who beat and shot her and dumped her bloody body in the garbage, a witness police are talking to was probably the last person to see Stacy-Ann Sappleton alive. "


This one has a photo of the future in-laws' home.

" Detective Kathleen Kearns, of the Queens South Detective Bureau, said it appeared the woman had been dead for less than 24 hours, raising speculation that she may have been held captive for two days. "


"Sappleton's mother, Marcia Thomas of Toronto, flew to New York when she learned her daughter was missing. She said Tuesday that her daughter had made three calls Friday after speaking with Blair - one to her home voice mail, one to her office voice mail and one to a cousin in New York, suggesting that she was safe for at least a time after getting out of the cab. "

05-15-2004, 09:33 AM
I am wondering if LE brought in some bloodhounds? Surely NYPD has bloodhounds available. IF she made it into the house at all they would know, or be able to track her somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If they did not, shame on LE.

I was taken by the future grooms response when trying to get him to give more information, he said, 'no comment', hmmm. Yet in other articles he did give substantial information.

In looking at all of the links, sure sounds like they have their fair share of loonies in NYC.

Here is another link Newswolf sent to me, map of Queens.
Color coded, and have not taken the time to investigate Queens area.

Thank you so much Newswolf.

Bring in the bloodhounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-15-2004, 10:09 AM
- Police are investigating the possibility that a Canadian woman abducted and slain while en route to visit her future inlaws may have been dropped off by a cab on the wrong block, The New York Times reports.



Did taxi error lead to killing?


05-15-2004, 10:35 AM
You're welcome Camper!

Mushyb, your find made me go register at the NYT. I'll snip but you do have to register to read there.


"The body of the woman, Stacy-Ann Sappleton, 26, showed signs of a fierce struggle with an attacker, the official said.
"The taxi driver told investigators that he had dropped her right in front of the house, where the front door had been left unlocked for her, the police said. But Ms. Blair said the police had taken the driver to the correct block and asked him if he had been there, instead of letting him lead the way to the place where he had dropped off his passenger"
"But Marcia Thomas, Ms. Sappleton's mother, was dubious. "If he had dropped her off at the wrong place, wouldn't she have called Damion back?" she asked. She said detectives had told her that Ms. Sappleton got off the phone with him at 9:18 a.m., and her final known call was made at 9:50 a.m.
Ms. Sappleton visited the house half a dozen times before, but never alone, the family said."

05-15-2004, 11:14 AM
post a question for Midnight. IF bloodhounds were used it could be determined if Stacy-Ann actually got to the correct front door.

Then IF IF the dog goes to the 'correct' door, then open the door, if the dog goes into the home, is this allowed 'without' a search warrant, to see where and what the dog finds?

==================<><Here is the question as I posed it to Midnight


I am interested in a case in the Crimes in the News forum, my thread is 'Canadian Bride to be/Dead'

Here is my question:

IF IF a bloodhound tracks the victim, and the dog goes to the 'correct' door of the home near where she was dropped off, and the front door is opened, if the dog goes into the home through that opened door, is this allowed 'without' a search warrant, to see where and what the dog finds?

OR if the dog energetically goes into the home, is it at that point that a search warrant must be obtained?

IF NYC police did not or are not using a bloodhound, they are nuts in this case."

05-15-2004, 12:42 PM
Here's an area map of NYC that shows you the layout of the different neighborhoods with Queens and the bronx showing they are side by side. I have been to NYC on several occassions and all of these neighborhood areas are pretty large. I tend to think the trash collector shooting isn't connected, he either was at the wrong place at the wrong time or with the mention of a cousin being shot the month before I'd think drug related, there's a lot of that there just as dumping bodies in trash bins are common. What I don't get about the girl is the article says she wasn't sexually assaulted but found in just her underwear?


05-15-2004, 01:53 PM
Good thoughts.

IF IF cab calls can be intercepted, from airport, whoever murdered her thought if they took all of her identifiable things and she was from out of town and came directly to the address area, who would even be able to identify her, hence they took all of her identifiable clothing and luggage.

That time of the morning, you would think that someone in the neighborhood would have at least seen her, question is would they come forth to be helpful? How receptive are New Yorkers to helping people in trouble, er, hmmm.

Blood hound is the best bet ASAP, imop! Sure would like to find a poster in the Queens area to keep us informed as well.

05-15-2004, 02:55 PM
That area is known to be bad whereas Manhattan has a lot of tourists, I stayed in manhattan but ventured into Queens and the Bronx during the day on the subway and taxied around. In most cities nowadays I think you'll find most people won't speak up if it's drug related or gang related and they have a lot of that there, besides most people that aren't in good areas stay in at night and out of alleyways and dumpster areas for fear of just that kind of thing. If you live in that environment they're just practiced survival skills.

05-15-2004, 08:22 PM


05-16-2004, 12:12 PM

No... The dogs cannot enter the home without either the permission of the occupants or a search warrant. The dogs can alert at the door, telling their handlers that the scent continues with cues that they use. But just being at the front door and alerting, if it is not the home of the in-laws (who most likely would cooperate), could cause the evidence to be suppressed if their was no permission granted to be on the property at all. These laws differ from state to state about how much latitude is granted police in dog searches.

In a case like this one, you don't want the permission of the occupants. You want a search warrant, signed by a judge, that states specifically what you are looking for and how you intend to proceed. You want to dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t"s. Permission to enter by the occupants can be a legal mess if something of evidentiary value is found. A good defense attorney can get the evidence thrown out on a claim that the police misled the occupant about what they could search for.

No average joe killer holds a woman captive for even twenty four hours and then dumps her dead without her clothing with no signs that there was sexual assault. There seems to me to be only one scenario that fits that set of circumstances. The person who killed Stacy Ann was a woman.

Stacy Ann had been to this neighborhood a number of times before, since they had dated seven years, but her mother said "never by herself." I can relate to that. When my husband does the driving and has the directions I pay no attention to where I am or which way we are going. Much of his family lives in Pittsburgh and we have been married fifteen years. Though we've lived out of state most of that time period, I know I've been to Pittsburgh nearly once a year every year. I would no more know where I am going if I went there today than I did the first time we went. Pittsburgh is a big city, and Queens is a big city, and I was raised in a small one.

I'd be looking into Damien's past. His last known reaction to the press "I've got nothing to say"... sounds arrogant and not the least bit helpful. How many times was he is Queens without Stacy over the last few years? Did he have a serious girlfriend, a long term relationship, that broke up because of Stacy? Or maybe even not because of Stacy but because of his entrance into the marines, where he then met Stacy. Is there an old flame from the old neighborhood that could be a fry short of a happy meal and has pined away about him all this time? Or possibly he had come to Queens alone, without Stacy, recently, and rekindled the old flame... even if just for a night. It could have been something that was just a small indiscretion to him when he'd had one too many beers. But if the old flame is unstable it could have signaled to her that they were once again an item.

Damien is only 28 and Stacy was 26. If they have been dating for seven years they were quite young when their relationship began. So any relationship with a girl he may have had before that time would almost surely have been a high school sweetheart. It is not unusual for high school sweethearts to part ways come college time but remain friendly. And it isn't unusual for the former high school sweetheart to stay in touch with his or her first love's parents. Perhaps Damien's parents mentioned Stacy's trip, alone for the first time, to his old girlfriend from high school. They would probably think nothing of mentioning this. To them it would have been more than seven years ago the woman and Damien parted ways. If they had no reason to believe the woman was mentally unstable they might have told her the whole interary... including the unlocked door waiting for Stacy's arrival. It would be very low risk for the old girlfriend to simply come over and enter the unlocked door and wait for Stacy. If Mark had awoken and come upstairs... if the parents had arrived home early... it would most likely seem as if nothing sinister was amiss. After all, this is an old family friend. In a stroke of luck for her, no one interupts. Stacy comes in and is momentarily startled to see someone she doesn't know but might recognize from old photos (prom pictures etc.). She is most likely aware the family has remained friendly with this person so she isn't alarmed. The woman charms Stacy with "congratulations" and blah blah blah and convinces Stacy to go with her to see a nice bridal shop or something like that. No struggle in the home. Stacy is completely unaware that she is to become a victim. The woman drives her somewhere where she pulls out a gun and now has control of her.

Just a thought... a long thought... :D

05-16-2004, 01:03 PM
Interesting theory Babcat.


"The detectives also said they were looking at surveillance footage from a building down the street that may have caught what happened outside the Blairs' home last Friday and might help determine whether Sappleton was dropped there at all."

I hope they have something on that tape.

"But the former U.S. marine turned Detroit management consultant loves to talk about her. He and his family still do so in the present tense, as though she's still there, talking and laughing.

"She has the biggest laugh," says Damion. "She literally dies laughing, so she can hardly breathe."

That story also says the neighborhood is very safe and such crimes are rare there.


"A Canadian woman found dead in a Queens trash truck, stripped to her bra and panties, was a helpless romantic with a passion for "The Lord of the Rings" and Stephen King's ghoulish novels, her fiancé said. "

There's a photo as well of the would-be groom.

05-16-2004, 01:43 PM
Does anyone remember reading if her jewelry was missing (was she wearing any?) Does anything say what she was wearing. Perhaps robbery was a motive. I'm not really buying the ex high school girlfriend.

Could have been a set up too. Maybe the boyfriend gave her a wrong address and she didn't know. That could be why the cab driver is saying he dropped her off at the correct spot.

Just some thoughts

05-16-2004, 01:51 PM
From the first MSNBC story "The future in-laws reported the woman missing on Saturday and circulated fliers with her photo. The fliers said she was last seen wearing blue pants, a blue long-sleeve top, a jeans jacket and a gray vest. "

I don't know about jewelry.

05-16-2004, 08:05 PM
Does anyone remember reading if her jewelry was missing (was she wearing any?) Does anything say what she was wearing. Perhaps robbery was a motive. I'm not really buying the ex high school girlfriend.

Could have been a set up too. Maybe the boyfriend gave her a wrong address and she didn't know. That could be why the cab driver is saying he dropped her off at the correct spot.

Just some thoughts

The ex girlfriend idea might seem like a stretch... but even a small woman with a gun is going to gain control of the victim, even if the victim is larger than she. A woman killer (with a possible accomplice) fits the profile of the way Stacy was found.

MULTIPLE GUN SHOT WOUNDS are the signature of rage... overkill. Whoever shot her either harbored a deep seeded hatred of Stacy or was extremely enraged at the moment.

NO GUNSHOT WOUNDS TO THE HEAD. This is going to rule out a murder for hire, or at least a hit man. Professional killers prefer one shot to the head. Also it is usually WOMEN who are reluctant to shoot their victims in the head. Why that is the case is really a puzzle. Women killers are actually more likely to hack someone to death with an axe... a pretty gory and violent choice for getting the job done... than they are to shoot their victims in the head execution style. However they don't seem as reluctant to shoot their victims in the face... go figure.

A VIOLENT FIGHT AND STRUGGLE as suggested by the multiple bruises and signs of a beating. Yes... women do struggle against male attackers. But those women are usually found beaten and either stabbed (minority of the time) or strangled (majority of the time). Why is this? Women will fight back against a man who appears unarmed or even one who has only a knife. But struggling against a man holding a gun to you is almost certain death. And multiple bruises mean this wasn't an intitial blow to the head or face to stun and disable a victim. This was either a prolonged beating or a prolonged fight. Stacy was murdered with a gun... so we know her killer had a gun. A gun subdues almost immediately... unless the victim has reason to believe she has a chance to disarm her attacker... like she might be on even ground... like another woman.

EVIDENCE THAT STACY WAS HELD ALIVE SOMEWHERE FOR A DAY OR TWO BEFORE SHE WAS MURDERED, YET NO EVIDENCE OF SEXUAL ASSAULT. Without a ransom call there is unlikely to be any motive for holding a victim alive (a very risky proposition) save a sexual motive, with the exception of revenge or jealousy, or both.

THE BODY DUMPED WITHOUT OUTER GARMENTS BUT WITH UNDERGARMENTS. A sexual sadist would have left the body nude. Stacy wasn't redressed... she was never UNdressed. The taking of her clothes and things has two meanings. A possible delay in identification and the act of taking her clothing to humiliate her and to keep them for oneself... also jealous revenge. Someone who had no reason to believe he or she could be connected to the victim in any way (a random attack) would have cared less about delaying an ID.

In this case I believe someone besides the killer knows what happened. I don't believe a single person could have lifted the dead weight of Stacy's body high enough to discard her in a dumpster... certainly not an average sized woman killer, if the killer was a woman. But if there was an accomplice, I believe it was after the fact.

05-16-2004, 10:11 PM
Lets just hope that the video gives more finite clues as to where she was let out of the cab!

No sexual assault may also indicate that the murderer was just after things of monetary value. She had luggage and was just let out of a cab, perhaps someone in sight of this happening, thought she had drugs in the luggage or?

Perhaps 'our' murderer lives on the block within sight of where the cab stopped. IF IF so, then it would have been 'perhaps' a quick approach with the offer of help to call from their home. It would also expedite and make the attack easier out of sight.

Wonder if those homes have garages or where do the owners park their cars, in an alley, quick and easy out the back door to the alley, knocked her senseless then shot her elsewhere. Finding her in the dump truck, baffles me, let out of cab one day, and couple days or so later she is dead in the truck. Why keep her if no sexual assault? Were they quizzing her about potential drug connection, might she look like an (expected person that day-drug connection) or what? Mistaken identity, hmmm.

I suspect that normal looking people living rather normal lives get involved with drugs and may have drug connections, it certainly does not appear to be the case here or does it ????

GET THE BLOODHOUNDS - they had them for 9-11 did they all go home to Iowa with the dogs?????

05-16-2004, 11:07 PM

They might have already used the dogs. In fact I suspect they have. I have a feeling they have a good idea who might have done the crime and are keeping tight lipped about it.

Mistaken identity could be the case. However I would more suspect that as a good lead if the attacker had not held her for at least several hours... maybe two days? I would think anyone willing to keep her alive rather than the typical rush in, kill, rush out, style of drug shootings on the street, would have been certain he had the wrong person by the time she was killed. Or maybe he didn't have the wrong person.

You could be on to something Camper. A strictly business drug revenge killing would likely not present as a sexual assault. How about if it wasn't Stacy Ann that was involved with drugs, but Damion. Maybe someone waited and abducted her and then called Damien to tell him they had her and he better come up with their money.

The problems with this theory...
I believe she would have been shot execution style. Now I might change my opinion on that if forensics reveal the shots entered through her back instead of front. Maybe she was escaping and they shot her in the process. She could have been being held in only her bra and panties to disuade her from running.

05-17-2004, 08:28 AM
pretty well. Seems like there was a loving closeness among them all.

Newswolf sent this link to me.


I assume everyone in the neighborhood pretty much works. Damian's mom must be an older woman with no small children. Both mom and dad worked. Would this be typical in 'that' neighborhood, IF IF that is the case, then few people at home at about 9:30 in the morning.

Perhaps an unemployed person would have been home, to see some easy prey when Stacy-Ann appeared,I am stretching it here, but.

Was a silencer used, where would she have been shot? Would that many shots in a 'nice' neighborhood go unnoticed, well IF IF everyone was at work, who would hear the shots?

Damian 'seems' like a standup guy, he was a Marine for heavens sake, they are not wimps by any stretch.

IF IF it was a person that lived in the neighborhood, HOW do you get the body away, where are residents cars parked. Is it sort of an Archie Bunker neighborhood with a back door out of the kitchen. Archie did not have a car.

I never caught on, just how far from that neighborhood was she found?

Was this a racial predjudice killing?

It looks like another great big boatload of sadness for both families.

I hope this story does not get lost in the 'just another' killing in NYC.

05-18-2004, 02:16 PM

"Funeral arrangements for the 26-year-old bride-to-be -- whose bruised and bullet-ridden body was discovered in the back of a garbage truck in the sprawling New York borough of Queens May 10 -- have been set for Saturday in Toronto. Meanwhile, the New York Police Department said Monday it had no new information to release on the hunt for Sappleton's murderer.

"That investigation is still ongoing," said Det. Kevin Czartoryski."

Camper I believe she was dumped 5 miles from the neighborhood.

05-18-2004, 03:52 PM
Thank you for the link. Sad.

I am wondering what type of garbage truck they found her in?

Here where I live the driver never leaves the truck, unless he tips over the container he is emptying. It is an automatic truck with controls inside the truck for arms that reach out and pick the container up, lift it and dump the garbage container into the hopper at the top of the truck.

Just how would the body have been put into the back of the truck, without the driver having seen someone come to the truck. Not knowing what type of truck Stacy-Ann was found in hampers my brain power (whatever is left of it).

Where was the driver, did the driver spot the body, or someone else who was passing the truck, while the driver was elsewhere?

05-18-2004, 05:58 PM
We have two different types of trucks here, the automated ones like Camper mentioned, and one with an open back for dumping greens cans into (the old style garbage trucks).

Some of the automated ones dump dumpsters in from the front, so it could easily have been that the body was dumped in a dumpster, then into the truck. (my guess)

If it was the old fashioned kind, possible that it got left in there during a lunch break?:waitasec:

05-18-2004, 07:16 PM
I would also guess that the dumpster had some non visible qualities to provide a sneaky person to dump the body in. The murderer may have known that the day that she was found was a regular trash pick up day, er, huh?

Wonder if the murderer works in that area to know what the trash pick up day was?

The day Stacy-Ann went missing was a weekday, if I recall, so the person must work a later shift, cuz at 9:30 am they woulda been at work and not at home, er not on the street to pick her up, er, just were not a worker type anyhow.

Sure not getting a lot of news via the NYC papers on followup.

Wonder how large a person Stacy-Ann was, if they could have put her in a large trash bag, so as not to attract attention, probably not, hmmm.

=======After thought, cannot remember the day of week when she was found in the truck, probably not a weekend.

Ghostwheel do they do trash pick up on weekends in NYC?

05-18-2004, 08:13 PM
Don't know NYC, sorry, forgot to specify I live in So Ca. But again, around here, many dumpsters are picked up on Saturdays and weekdays. Garbage trucks are in and out of the dump all day Saturday.

05-18-2004, 08:29 PM
Just went back & re-read NYT articles. I can't post more from them because of the copyright laws. May13th article says she arrived in NY on a Friday morning, her mother called her cell @ 11am and it went straight to voicemail. Her body was discovered by "a truck driver emptying dumpsters @ a supermarket". She withdrew 40 bucks from an ATM at the airport to pay for the cab ride, and when she told boyfriend by cell she was ok (9:18am), the fare was $24, and she allegedly was at the block where the family lived, or not, and someone may have offered her help, and that may have been when disappeared. She made three more calls by 9:50am, the last to a cousin in NY. By 11am she wasn't answering her cell phone. They can find no evidence she was in the future-in-law's house, and no evidence of a crime committed there. No evidence yet that she was sexually assaulted, more tests are being run. I know there are more questions than answers. ?? I wonder where the cousin lived and if he/she has been questioned. I'm sure that person has been. Stacey-Ann just had a carryon-bag, a purse, neither located nor the clothes she was wearing. In a way this does not sound like a stranger killing to me either, the blows to the face , 3 shots, holding her for a couple of days. Anyway I can't find anything more so far on the net.

05-18-2004, 11:52 PM
This case is especially frustrating because there are scenarios to explain how she was taken from the scene without anything seeming to be amiss. But...

WHY would she be taken from the scene at all? I would have thought the Peterson case, despite having not yet gone to trial, would have served as a training video for anyone contemplating the murder of a person in his/her extreme inner circle. Only a person who had reason to believe the victim could be connected to him would put in the extra effort moving a dead body requires. But a smart member of her extreme inner circle would be more careful not to leave DNA evidence, semen, etc. And then that person would leave her right where she was killed. Doing that one simple thing seriously broadens the circle of whodunits.

And then there is the apparent live hostage for possibly a couple of days...

What could be the motive for this? No ransom call. There really hasn't been mention of the in-laws family or her family being wealthy. So it isn't surprising that there was no ransom call. It is surprising that there isn't any other clear or reasonable explanation that could shed light on the need for the hostage situation. If they have to look and test that carefully, there almost surely wasn't a sexual assault. Any psychopath that overkills a victim with five plus gunshots, isn't exactly going to be Mr. Gentleman during a rape. There would be obvious signs of sexual assault.

The police are working a scenario that does not include the in-law's home as a crime scene.

I have to trust their judgement on this call. Luminol would glow so bright it would light the house up if she sustained that many gunshots inside that home. There would be bullet fragments... obvious signs of recent patch work in the plaster walls... blood that has seeped into places not easily cleaned. I don't care how much cleaning up was done. So if the in-laws home is not considered a crime scene, there would be no need to speculate how a killer would remove her dead body from the house unnoticed. She had to have left that house still alive and most likely uninjured... or she never reached the house at all. In either scenario she had to have left with suspect X voluntarily... or at gunpoint putting up no struggle.

05-19-2004, 08:57 AM
True LE did not have item of Stacy-Anns for a bloodhound to follow the day her body was found.

The house that I might heavily suspect would NOT be the future in laws house. IF IF the only known witness saw Stacy NOT at the in laws front door but a distance from their front door, I am heavily suspecting that a 'different' door in the near near area was the portal through which Stacy-Ann entered but never came out of.

Stacy-Anns mom came quickly to NYC, my question was did she bring an item of Stacy's for a bloodhound. IF LE could but track her to any door in the neighborhood, that would be a beginning, while she was alive.

Doubtful there would be signs of bullets entering or lodging, bouncing or in any way leaving signs IN the trash truck.

So obvious that she was shot elsewhere, where there may IN FACT be blood stains and crime signs in THAT home, er, huh.

IF IF that is the case then a cadaver dog, could possibly track her death scent from the back of 'THE HOME' wherever 'THE HOME' might be in the neighborhood.

IF IF however Stacy was taken elsewhere to be shot, then this is a clever killer indeed. Would a neighborhood criminal, punk, robber, do this type of killing?

IF IF Stacy was left off in a not familiar place, chances are unlikely that 'the killer' was waiting specifically for 'her'. Do NYC Yellow cabs have a protective divider between passenger and cabbie, for their own safety? IF so, this could have allowed the cabbie to have made a 'personal cell phone' call unheard by Stacy, to 'set her up for a robbery', assuming that she had a large amount of cash to be gotten, just coming from the airport. Grasping at straws here again.

I am wondering about a 72 year old man driving a Yellow cab, you hear a lot of jokes about NYC cabbies not speaking good English, cab driving seems to attract ethnic varieties who cannot speak good English, hmmm. More straws here.

I somehow think the cabbie has more to do with this than has become too obvious so far.

05-19-2004, 02:19 PM
Sceanario that could easily happen in San Diego.
Assume cabbie, being 72, might make a mistake on the address and be off a street or two.

Stacy-Ann gets dropped in the wrong location. She see that the address is not correct. and wanders on direction looking to see if numbers go up or down. Around here, there are some streets that change names from one direction to the other, and change numbers when the street name changes. She could have walked several blocks the wrong drection. That can take you from a barely passable neighborhood to a really not good one.

1) If someone thought she was their drug contact and trying to hold out on them, they might have grabbed her, and held her trying to get information, and going through her bags.

2) Someone might have said they would help her, and led her off with the intention of raping her, but something interfered with their plans. (roomie had drug deal going, didn't want any witnesses, etc)

Heck, we're always finding bodies around here no one claims. Put an innocent in the really wrong place, and their chances of getting out in one piece are not so good. (most areas are OK, BTW, there are just a few that are pretty bad, and a couple of pockets here and there)

As an aside, there is one area of Pasedena (Los Angeles area) where you go from a good neighborhood to "Don't take your eyes off your car." just by crossing a large main street.

05-20-2004, 01:32 AM
Pssst... Ghostwheel

It's spelled Pyrrhonist

05-20-2004, 09:58 AM

"Lieut. Ed Rutter said the detectives flew out of New York Wednesday, but he refused to say whether they'll begin the Canadian leg of their investigation in Toronto, where Sappleton's family lives, or in Windsor-Detroit, where her fiance, friends and co-workers reside."

05-20-2004, 09:19 PM
Pssst... Ghostwheel

It's spelled Pyrrhonist
How bizarre! I copied and pasted that straight out of m-w.com (because I couldn't remember how to spell it). I must have touched the touchpad and deleted a letter (one of my favorite pastimes, it seems). Must fix that, along with several other typos.

Thank you.

05-21-2004, 07:29 AM
How bizarre! I copied and pasted that straight out of m-w.com (because I couldn't remember how to spell it). I must have touched the touchpad and deleted a letter (one of my favorite pastimes, it seems). Must fix that, along with several other typos.

Thank you.

What does it mean?

05-21-2004, 08:37 AM
I am a word-a-holic, and curiosity sent me to the dictionary, for that one. Means 'skeptic'.

Since most people during their lives use only 10% of their mental abilities, that word fell into my igorant well.

Some wells have more water in em than other wells. Hee hee.

05-21-2004, 11:07 PM
What does it mean?To be technical:
"One who subscibes to the doctrines of a school of ancient extreme skeptics who suspended judgment on every proposition".

Sometimes, a car could rust through waiting for me to decide what I believe regarding any given case. I like to look at all angles first, even if my gut instinct goes a certain way. I'm not just a skeptic, I'm a REALLY SLOW skeptic.

05-22-2004, 07:52 PM

""Stacy's life was one of tremendous courage, unwavering motivation, dedication and the unfaltering drive to be the best that she could be," said Blair, who had planned to wed Sappleton in September.

"She touched many lives in many places and will be sorely missed by all who knew her and those who only knew of her."

Detailing Sappleton's recent accomplishments in community service, Blair drew audible gasps from mourners when he revealed, "most recently, she was getting ready to begin contributing her time and efforts to yet another charity, ironically, Crime-Stop."


"Meanwhile, cops have finally talked to the taxi driver who dropped off Sappleton near the Brookville, Queens, home of Blair's parents.

"She made it to the block, but there's no proof she ever made it to the house," a police source said. "

05-24-2004, 05:09 AM
Grieving friends and family bid a tearful goodbye yesterday to the Canadian woman whose bullet-riddled body was found in a Queens Dumpster.
Stacy-Ann Sappleton, who was in the city making arrangements for her September wedding, was remembered in her homeland as a bubbly and caring woman.

"There was no feat too large or any task too small for her to roll up her sleeves," her distraught fiancé, Damion Blair, told funeral mourners who packed a Toronto-area church.

"She touched many lives in many places."

Meanwhile, cops have finally talked to the taxi driver who dropped off Sappleton near the Brookville, Queens, home of Blair's parents.

05-28-2004, 12:02 PM
5/28 New York Daily News-
Police offering $10,000 reward for help in solving murder. Detectives stumped after search warrant, cell phone records and grilling cabbie. (No mention of tracking dogs)Autopsy revealed she died two days after disappearance. Found behind a Key Foods supermarket.

Very strange case.

05-28-2004, 12:54 PM
Good find Labrat! This case makes no sense. Where on earth was she held? And why?

05-28-2004, 04:28 PM
Thank you for the interesting update. Wish we could get more PD's to use the bloodhounds. In Holland they have the ability to store scents for very long periods of time.

I can access information on this. I am in a big hurry now, later.

I think we would solve a great many more cases if we were Johnny on the spot with the dogs!!! The scents last for greater lengths of time that I think PD's are aware of. Needs to be greater technology and education provided for LE in general. Geeze!

07-17-2004, 01:15 PM
The police want to test the rest of his family, but so far, have been unable to. Also, something about her phone records....
Maybe someone could please link the latest.
Hope they resolve this soon.

07-17-2004, 03:54 PM
This is all I could find.


The grieving fiancé of a young Canadian woman found dead in a Queens Dumpster has passed a polygraph test in connection with the investigation into her gory murder, police sources said.
NYPD investigators flew to Canada to give Damion Blair, 28, a polygraph as part of their ongoing investigation into the death of Stacy-Ann Sappleton, 26, who is believed to have arrived near her future in-laws' Queens home shortly before she was abducted in early May.
Law-enforcement sources told the Post investigators have also asked Sappleton's future in-laws in New York to take polygraph tests, but the probers had not heard back from family attorneys.

Cops are also checking Sappleton's computer, trying to learn whether she might have had a virtual relationship with her killer or killers.

Cops said her body showed signs of a struggle, but there was no evidence she had been sexually assaulted.


05-09-2005, 07:10 PM
still unsolved


A year after his fiancée was found in a Queens Dumpster stripped to her underwear and shot, Damion Blair doubts he'll ever know who killed her or why.
The details of Stacy-Ann Sappleton's disappearance and death just don't add up, Blair said.
Police agree.

05-09-2005, 08:19 PM
I live in Bronx and know the area where she went missing from. Contrary to what some people think:) there are some nice areas I live in one. That is also a really nice one middle class working people, not a crime area. At 9:30 there would be few people at home streets would be quiet. She was found in a dumpster that is stationary behind a shopping center.
I will tell you the leaks we get here but they are only rumors so you know how much stock to put in them. She got into a car with someone she knew, whoever it was lives around were the body was found. Now that is a bad area I would not go there to shop so that will tell you what it is like.

05-10-2005, 10:41 AM
Didn't Law & Order do an episode based on this crime? I never really knew there was a real case out there. I know some of their shows are 'Ripped From the Headlines', but some are not.

No good leads. How strange. Points more and more to a random crime of opportunity. I just don't go anywhere without looking over my shoulder and thinking somewhere out there is a sicko. What a sad comment on our society.

05-10-2005, 04:43 PM

""Stacy's life was one of tremendous courage, unwavering motivation, dedication and the unfaltering drive to be the best that she could be," said Blair, who had planned to wed Sappleton in September.

"She touched many lives in many places and will be sorely missed by all who knew her and those who only knew of her."

Detailing Sappleton's recent accomplishments in community service, Blair drew audible gasps from mourners when he revealed, "most recently, she was getting ready to begin contributing her time and efforts to yet another charity, ironically, Crime-Stop."


"Meanwhile, cops have finally talked to the taxi driver who dropped off Sappleton near the Brookville, Queens, home of Blair's parents.

"She made it to the block, but there's no proof she ever made it to the house," a police source said. "

------------->>>Newswolf, I have re read through this thread. Early on, driver said she was dropped right at the door. Other thread links said she had been to 'the' home numerous times before.

Many of the links have expired.

Something that came to me that is something we have not considered, is tied to the last paragraph of Newswolfs that I have quoted here.

'''''''She made it to the block, "She made it to the block, but there's no proof she ever made it to the house," a police source said. ''''''

WHAT does this mean, my brain is telling/asking me, WHEN she first got into the cab FROM THE AIRPORT, was there another passenger in the cab, OR did the driver PICK up another passengers that he DID NOT TELL THE POLICE about. What route did he take in the beginning, asking her for directions - she making a call to verify etc. DID THE DRIVE TAKE A DEVIOUS ROUTE TO PICK UP a KILLER passenger, was he hailed down in the Airport area, OR OR hailed just after SHE got into the cab. DID this person who hailed the cab ask where are ya going cabbie, then cabbie said her block, and the to be killer/robber said hey I am going to blah blah which is just around the corner?

Cabbie lets his pre arranged robber/killer OR OR the ACCIDENTAL passenger set it up, by leading the cabbie into conversation about a potential double fare to the same area, by asking where ya headed - to which the cabbie blurts our the general area. I am smelling an involvement with another person WHO WAS ENABLED TO GET INTO THE SAME CAB. DID THE DRIVER DROP OFF THE OTHER PASSENGER FIRST, GIVING THEM TIME TO CATCH UP WITH THE MURDER VICTIM???

This is just way too convenient, However she could have gotten off just a bit off kilter or around the block when the Accidental passenger got off, and made the calls while she was walking to save some fare, am I nuts??

Would cabbie records reflect any of my hairbrained thoughts here. Perhaps cabbie was picking up extra fares going to the same general areas, and keeping the extra profit, so he is NOT going to tell the Police this little thingie, huh, er???


05-10-2005, 04:59 PM
Didn't Law & Order do an episode based on this crime? I never really knew there was a real case out there. I know some of their shows are 'Ripped From the Headlines', but some are not.

Yes, they did - I saw it!

05-10-2005, 08:01 PM
How did Law & Order depict where she left the cab, at the door, or at the end of the block or where? I suspect they are great writers, but not sleuthers, am I right or wrong in my suspicions, or who could know the source of their information and correctness in doing the show?


05-11-2005, 09:42 AM
I wondered that myself and tried to find this episode, but so far I have had no luck. I will keep looking. I know they are not detectives, but....at this point why not look at every theory put out, even the one by a TV show?

06-15-2015, 06:01 PM
From May 2014:


There have been abduction theories, reward offers and a feature on America’s Most Wanted, but 10 agonizing years have passed with no answers about the gruesome New York slaying of Tecumseh’s Stacy-Ann Sappleton...

Police ruled out her fiancé, a marine and computer engineer in Detroit. They also cleared Blair’s brother Mark, the only person home when Sappleton disappeared.