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Angel Who Cares
03-03-2009, 08:37 AM
2009.03.03 Today's Current News - ***NO DISCUSSIONS HERE PLEASE ***

03-03-2009, 08:41 AM
Haleigh Cummings' dad travels to Pinellas County (Tampa, Fl) to get tatoo.


PINELLAS PARK, FL -- Taking a break from the search for his missing daughter Haleigh, Ronald Cummings dropped into the Tampa Bay area to add a tattoo showcasing his little girl.

The 5-year-old girl vanished from her home last month and remains a subject of intense searches.

Ronald Cummings didn't want to talk about his run in with Geraldo Rivera about his allegations of drug use and spousal and child abuse but he did want to talk about his daughter showing the tattoo obtained with $400 paid by someone else.

Angel Who Cares
03-03-2009, 11:59 AM
Doorbell Chime Investigated In Haleigh Case
Searchers Follow Thousands Of Tips
POSTED: Tuesday, March 3, 2009
The homeowner there said detectives questioned him about a doorbell, WJXT-TV reported.
"It was just another tip they're following up on, which is good. They have to follow up on every tip. The only thing everybody cares about is this child that's missing, so it's not any inconvenience to me or my family. They're more than welcome to come any time they need to. A tip is a tip," said neighbor Marty Hubbard.
He said the investigators were looking specifically for a doorbell that chimed like a grandfather clock, and that some tip or lead led them to his house. Hubbard said he doesn't have a doorbell.

Angel Who Cares
03-03-2009, 02:03 PM
Detectives Receive More Tips on Haleigh
Created: 3/3/2009 11:51:21 AM
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SATSUMA, FL -- The number of tips the Putnam County Sheriff's Office has received about Haleigh Cummings' disappearance has now grown to 2,300.
Captain Dick Schauland says detectives are following up on the tips today but so far, they aren't any closer to finding the 5-year-old girl.
It has now been over three weeks since she disappeared from her Satsuma home.
"We didn't know in the beginning where she was and we still don't know," says Schauland.
There are no searches planned for today.
Detectives plan to use the day re-interviewing neighbors and family members.

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Angel Who Cares
03-03-2009, 02:47 PM
Search For Haleigh Enters Third Week
Family Shares Home Video Of Missing Girl
POSTED: Monday, March 2, 2009
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- As the search for Haleigh Cummings entered its third week on Monday, the missing 5-year-old's family shared a home video of the girl with the public.
They said the video was recorded about six months ago. It shows the Haleigh happy and playing with her brother and a friend.
Investigators in Putnam County have followed thousands of leads, but the family told Channel 4 that authorities said they are no closer to finding Haleigh than they were the morning of Feb. 10 -- the day an Amber Alert was issued.
"What they tell me is they're working the leads that they have. I'm hoping that goes somewhere," said Haleigh's grandmother, Teresa Neves.
VIDEO: Haleigh's Dad Gets Tattoo Tribute

Angel Who Cares
03-03-2009, 04:27 PM
Bar Collecting Donations for Haleigh's Family
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PALATKA, FL -- The owner of Spurs Saloon is trying to keep hope alive for Haleigh Cummings by collecting donations for the family.
Manager Miguel Ziolko says the bar normally doesn't charge a cover. This week though, from Thursday through Saturday night, the bar is asking customers to donate money at the door.
All the money will be given to Haleigh's family and will most likely be used for the reward, which currently stands at $26,500.
Spurs is open from noon until 2 a.m.
The address is 101 S. 10th St.