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06-11-2009, 06:49 AM
http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada/story.html?id=1683430.Parents in a British Columbia community are rattled after police issued an unusual warning that an Asian child will be kidnapped from an elementary school in the next few weeks.Families in Richmond, B. C., whose population is more than 50% Asian, are now largely in a state of panic, fearful that the child to be abducted is their own. The alert asks parents to be vigilant in guarding their children. "That kind of warning would make anyone who had an Asian child, or any child for that matter, extremely anxious and overprotective," said Dr. Sam Ozersky, a Toronto psychiatrist. "It would be extremely provocative in terms of generating anxiety and fear."Dr. Mike Webster, a psychologist who consults with police forces around the world on kidnapping negotiations, said the unusual warning must have been justified by credible information.Police shed little light on the threat, saying they received the information on the possible kidnapping Tuesday afternoon."It is an Asian child in the Chinese community in one of the elementary schools in Richmond," said Richmond RCMP Cpl. Jennifer Pound. "But we have not yet identified the victim. We believe it is a certain targeted victim. We don't even have a location at this time, but we do know it is an elementary school in Richmond."Parents of young children already had reason to be concerned, given the extensive media coverage devoted in recent months to the disappearance of Ontario's Victoria (Tori) Stafford and Quebec's Cedrika Provencher."I think it's a gamble," Dr. Webster said. "You are walking a tightrope between advising the community and terrifying the community -- in order to do that, they must have good information."Dr. Webster said he wonders if this particular warning indicates the victim and suspected kidnapper know each other.

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whoa, thats trippy.

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I'm glad they gave the warning, though. It NEVER hurts for parents to be MORE attentive to their children and if they save a child from this fate, the extra stress is well worth the reward, IMO.