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This is where links for Amber Alert information, Abduction Laws, etc. will be


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BC - Amber Alert (http://bc.rcmp.ca/ViewPage.action?contentId=4697&siteNodeId=50&category=457&categoryKey=publicalerts&categoryName=Missing%20Person&position=1&languageId=1)

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British Columbia Amber Alert Criterion:

AMBER Alert is only activated by authorized users within law enforcement agencies. ALL of following conditions must be met before activating an AMBER Alert:

The victim is under the age of 18
Police have reasonable grounds to believe that the victim has been abducted
Police have reasonable grounds to believe the victim is in imminent danger
Police have obtained enough descriptive information about the victim, abductor and/or the vehicle involved
Police believe that the alert can be issued in a time frame that will provide a reasonable expectation that the child can be returned or the abductor apprehended

06-14-2009, 11:21 PM
Curatorship of Missing Persons


The Public Guardian and Trustee, as Official Administrator, acts as Curator for persons who are missing as defined in the Estates of Missing Persons Act . The Public Guardian and Trustee is appointed Curator in all cases except where the Court decides that the appointment of another individual would be more desirable by reason of the business or personal relationship of that individual to the missing person, or any other circumstance the Court considers sufficient.

The role of Curator is to manage the adult's property until they are located or until the funds are paid into court for safekeeping.

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http://www.bclaws.ca/Recon/document/freeside/--%20E%20--/Estates%20of%20Missing%20Persons%20Act%20%20RSBC%2 01996%20%20c.%20123/00_96123_01.xml
Estates of Missing Persons Act Definition

1 In this Act, "missing person" includes
(a) a person whose relatives residing at the place where the person was last known to reside, and who would be likely to hear from the person, have not heard from or of the person for at least 3 months last past, and have been unable to ascertain the person's whereabouts,
(b) if the person does not have relatives of the kind described in paragraph (a), a person whose
(i) associates at the place where the person was last known to reside, and
(ii) relatives with whom until then the person had been in the habit of communicating,
(c) a person who has been missing for a shorter period than 3 months, but who is otherwise a missing person within the meaning of paragraph (a) or (b), and who is declared by the Supreme Court to be a missing person, on application, accompanied by evidence to the satisfaction of the court that there is urgent need of a curator being appointed under this Act for the preservation of the estate or the support of the dependants of that person.