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06-11-2009, 06:57 PM
This is for providing information & links to Advocates for Missing Persons

04-06-2011, 09:17 PM
Victim Services (http://www.gov.ns.ca/just/victim_Services/default.asp)

The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime (http://crcvc.ca/docs/Restitution.pdf)

04-06-2011, 09:18 PM
Domestic Violence Intervention Act (http://nslegislature.ca/legc/statutes/domestcv.htm)

What is the Domestic Violence Intervention Act?
The goal of the Nova Scotia Domestic Violence Intervention Act is to protect victims of domestic violence. You can use the Act to apply for an Emergency Protection Order.
In some situations of domestic violence it will also be appropriate:
•for the police to lay charges under the Criminal Code
•for the victim and children to leave the home
•to apply for a peace bond