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Links to Advocates and Crime Victim Resources. Also Domestic and Family Violence Resources

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Commissioner for Victms' Rights (http://www.voc.sa.gov.au/)

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Victim Support Services (http://victimsa.org/)
Victim Support Service (VSS) is a statewide, community based not-for-profit organisation in South Australia. Qualified staff and trained volunteers provide a comprehensive range of services for adults and older adolescents who have experienced crime. This includes individual crime victims, their families, friends and the wider community.
We are a non-government organisation working in partnership with communities, police and other organisations across regional, rural and metropolitan areas.

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Commissioner for Victims' Rights South Australia (http://www.voc.sa.gov.au/Information/Who_can_help/Support_services/Support_services_Australia.asp)

Support Services for Victims - Australia
Click on a state for its Victims of Crime website

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Violence Intervention Service (http://www.familyrelationships.gov.au/searchpages/GeneralService.aspx?ResourceId=874&Keywords=safety%20OR%20abuse%20OR%20violence&ResourceTypes=Service&PageIndex=0&PageSize=10)

A Family Violence Court is held at the Elizabeth, Port Adelaide and Adelaide Magistrates Court one day a week to hear criminal charges against men who have alleged assaulted a family member. Having a designated court enables the police to provide special assistance to victims and enables Violence Intervention Program (VIP) staff to attend to provide information, advocacy and support services to victims and their children. Men appearing in the FVC can be referred by the Magistrate to attend a 24 week “Stopping Violence” group as part of a condition of bail or a bond. The Stopping Violence Program is provided by the VIP staff .
The Family Violence Court at Elizabeth is linked with the Northern Violence Intervention Program (NVIP), The Central Northern Adelaide Health Service manages the NVIP and the staff in the program consists of Men’s Worker, Women’s Advocate, Children Advocates, Manager and admin officers and Community Correctional Services Officers who supervise the male offenders. The program also works collaboratively with local Police. The Department of Health, Central Northern Adelaide Heath Service, the Attorney-General's Department and the Department for Correctional Services provide funding for the NVIP.
The Adelaide Magistrates Court is linked with the Central Violence Intervention Program (CVIP) The Salvation Army manages and provides staff for the CVIP, from their Pirie Street office. The Salvation Army, the Attorney-General’s Department and the Department fund the service for the Correctional Services. The program also works collaboratively with local Police from Mount Barker, Port Adelaide, Holden Hill and also from the Adelaide and Sturt Family Violence Investigation Sections of the South Australian Police.
The following resources can be downloaded in pdf format.
Information for persons served with restraining orders; and
Information for persons who have been granted a restraining order
Anti-violence Manual which promotes the safety of women and children, and challenges men's use of violence against their partners or ex-partners and children.
Understanding Domestic Violence in the Criminal Justice System - A new manual for people experiencing domestic violence and workers in the field.

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South Australian Police: Domestic Violence (http://www.sapolice.sa.gov.au/sapol/safety_security/domestic_violence.jsp)
Domestic violence (DV) is an abuse of power which occurs when one partner attempts to physically or psychologically dominate, coerce and/or control the other. It is a deliberate act and is rarely an isolated event. Over time, the violence tends to increase in frequency and severity, and can become fatal.
Domestic Violence is against the law
Police will support victims and hold offenders accountable for their actions.
Police encourage all victims of domestic violence to contact police on 000 (in an emergency) or on 131444 for police attendance.
More information
You'll find more detailed information in the following pages:
About the cycle of violence
Help & support for domestic violence
Resources and information
Victim support
Restraining orders

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Domestic and Family Violence (http://wis.sa.gov.au/index.php?section=1073)
Here you will find all the services provided in South Australia for victims of domestic violence, under a single umbrella.

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Domestic Violence Resource Centre (http://www.dvrcv.org.au/support-services/national-services/)