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Delaware State Police Service


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The Delaware State Police (http://dsp.delaware.gov/pio/piooncall.htm)P (http://dsp.delaware.gov/pio/piooncall.htm)ublic (http://dsp.delaware.gov/pio/piooncall.htm)I (http://dsp.delaware.gov/pio/piooncall.htm)nformation (http://dsp.delaware.gov/pio/piooncall.htm)O (http://dsp.delaware.gov/pio/piooncall.htm)ffice is a unit whose mission (http://dsp.delaware.gov/pio/piooncall.htm)and goal is to provide timely and accurate information to citizens and media outlets who have an interest in police matters here in the First State.
The PIO Office is led by Sgt. Walter Newton, who, aside from handling the administrative duties for this unit, also reports on cases and initiatives primarily affecting Kent and Sussex Counties.
Senior Cpl. Jeff Whitmarsh is tasked to report on DSP business mainly in New Castle County. He also participates in speaking engagements and other community programs in the northern tri-state area.
It is not uncommon to see Sgt. Newton or Senior Cpl. Whitmarsh at various events throughout Delaware.
"It is our sincere hope that you find what you see here worthwhile, newsworthy and engaging. Please check back often as this Newsroom is a work in progress."
Yours Truly,
Sgt. Newton and Senior Cpl. Whitmarsh



The Delaware State Police Public Information Office Newsroom


The Newsroom section of the Delaware State Police website is maintained by the members of the Public Information Office. Thank you for visiting.

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