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Angel Who Cares
01-28-2010, 06:03 PM
2010.01.28 - Today's Current News - ***NO DISCUSSIONS HERE PLEASE ***

UPDATED: Landfill cordons off area for possible search for Baby Gabriel
1/28/10 Last Update: 9:37 am
Managers of a San Antonio landfill have identified an area that might be searched for the body of an Arizona baby missing for about a month.

But San Antonio police said Wednesday they were not searching the landfill and wouldn't say if one is planned. They cited the integrity of their investigation into the disappearance of 8-month-old Gabriel Johnson of Tempe, Ariz.

Spokeswoman Peg Mulloy of Phoenix-based Republic Services says part of the firm's Tessman Road Landfill is cordoned off. She says landfill managers identified where police may look based on where and when Gabriel was last seen on Dec. 26.

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Angel Who Cares
01-28-2010, 06:03 PM
Video: Baby Gabriel: Babysitter Speaks 1:24
One Of The Last Known People To See A Missing Tempe Opens Up To 12-News

Video: Search For Baby Gabriel 3:00

Video: Baby Gabriel Search In San Antonio 1:53
Tempe Police Still Focusing On Their Case Against Elizabeth Johnson

Video: A San Antonio Landfill Searched 1:54
Police Searching A San Antonio Landfill For Baby Gabriel's Body

Video: I-Cast: Baby Gabriel 1:29

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01-28-2010, 06:05 PM
UPDATED: Sheriff Arpaio: 'Elizabeth Johnson Isolated'
Mother Accused Of Kidnapping Her Son Spends Her Days Alone
POSTED: 9:16 pm MST January 27, 2010
UPDATED: 6:57 am MST January 28, 2010
Sheriff Joe Arpaio said Wednesday that Elizabeth Johnson's public persona is very different from her demeanor behind bars.

"She's been quiet, cooperative, not a problem in our jail. Maybe she's got a dual personality," said Arpaio.

"We have her in a separate cell, isolated from other prisoners, for her own safety. She can come out once, one hour, to take a shower by herself," said Arpaio.

Arpaio says Johnson is decked out in the traditional pink underwear and striped uniform. She is allowed visitors. But she gets no special treatment.

When it comes to her trial, the Sheriff compared her case to others in Maricopa County where suspects were charged with murder without the victim's body every being discovered.

"You know, I think there's only about four cases in history, and we have two of them. The David Anthony case where he's on death row. We have another one right now, waiting to be extradited, that we investigated here, without the body," said Arpaio.

But until that day comes, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has Elizabeth Johnson on a tight leash.

Video: Sheriff: Prisoner May Have Dual Personality


Angel Who Cares
01-28-2010, 06:06 PM
UPDATED: Child Advocate: Landfill Search Long Overdue
Baby Gabriel Johnson Missing Since December
POSTED: 7:30 pm MST January 27, 2010
UPDATED: 2:39 pm MST January 28, 2010
San Antonio police have still not said whether or not they will search a landfill in their quest to find 8-month-old Valley boy Gabriel Johnson who has missing for more than a month.

Mark Palmer, the executive director of Jessica's Law Now, a child advocacy group, said the landfill is one of the first places investigators should have searched.

"It should have been done right away, immediately," said Palmer.

Managers of the Tessman Road Landfill in San Antonio said they are standing by ready to help police. A spokeswoman for the company confirmed that they are using their expertise in managing landfills to help police.

“Things are so well engineered that we can hone in on a date and a neighborhood,” said Mulloy, referring to locating a specific cell of trash in the landfill. Mulloy confirmed that waste mangers at the landfill have identified a possible search cell based on information provided to them by police.

Palmer believes the delay in the search could be blamed on manpower and funding.

Palmer believes too many parents of missing children don’t know whether their kids are dead or alive.
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PDF: Gabriel Poster 1

PDF: Gabriel Poster 2

Video: No Word Yet On Whether Landfill Search Has Begun

Video: Police Remain Quiet About Landfill Search

Video: Landfill Cordons Off Area For Possible Baby Search


Angel Who Cares
01-28-2010, 06:08 PM
Texas Police Tape Off Landfill in Missing Baby Case
McQueary plans San Antonio trek
A portion of the Tessman Road Landfill was cordoned off in the last few weeks as part of the investigation into the disappearance of 8-month-old Gabriel Johnson of Tempe, Ariz., according to Peg Mulloy, spokeswoman for landfill owner Phoenix-based Republic Services.

She added that the cordoned-off area was larger than a convenience-store parking lot.

"We're able to say trash from this particular neighborhood on this particular date is probably in this area (of the landfill)," she said. "We stopped placing waste in an area they may want to search, and we're waiting for them to tell us what they would like to do."

San Antonio police spokeswoman Sandy Gutierrez said she could not say whether investigators were planning to search the site, citing the integrity of the investigation.

"The information is coming in much slower, and the indicators that were once there are getting less and less to the point of becoming nonexistent," Tempe police Sgt. Steve Carbajal said. "At this point, we're looking seriously into the possibility that she killed Gabriel like she said she did."

The Smiths said they've been nothing but cooperative and want Gabriel to be found alive.

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01-28-2010, 06:11 PM
Joe Arpaio Sticks Up for Missing Baby Gabriel's Jailed Mom
Thu., Jan. 28 2010 @ 8:27AM
While the public seems to view Elizabeth Johnson, mother of missing 8-month-old Gabriel Johnson, as a couple of horns short of being the devil, Sherriff Joe Arpaio says she's been a little angel while in his custody.

"She's been quiet, cooperative, not a problem in our jail. Maybe she's got a dual personality," Arpaio tells KPHO.

Johnson's case has created a bit of a media circus, so Maricopa County's camera-hound of a sherriff has got to be happy to have her around.

Arpaio says Johnson is in isolation, where she is allowed out of her cage for one hour a day to shower.

"She hasn't been causing any problems," Arpaio says.

Here's one tidbit that could be considered a problem: her eight-month-old son is still missing, and she's done nothing to help anyone find him.


Angel Who Cares
01-28-2010, 11:01 PM
Baby Gabriel's Mother, Elizabeth Johnson, Has Dual Personality?
Elizabeth Johnson May Suffer from a Mental Disorder but that Isn't Helping to Find Baby Gabriel
January 28, 2010
Dual personalities -- or multiple personalities (disassociative identity disorder) -- might explain some of Elizabeth Johnson's erratic behavior or perhaps all of it. It could explain why she is seen as cooperative in the Estrella Jail and why she would send a vicious text message to her ex-boyfriend from San Antonio: "You will never see Gabriel again. This is what liars like you deserve." Having distinct personalities or identities could explain the diverse behaviors, but multiple personalities are extremely rare.

Of course, Elizabeth Johnson could be more suited to the borderline personality disorder type, which is characterized by volatility of self-image, goals, and internal preferences, where the subject endures chronic feelings of emotional emptiness and engages in intense, unstable interpersonal relationships and self-destructive behavior.

Still, she might suffer from a bipolar disorder, where she would exhibit a manic state followed by a depressed state. This could explain her sudden irrational actions followed by periods of seemingly normal behavior or low periods, like when she was found crying in an airport and enlisted the help of Jack and Tammi Smith, hoping to get these total strangers to adopt Baby Gabriel (plans which ultimately fell through).

Elizabeth Johnson also seems to suffer from narcissistic tendencies, an extreme self-loathing where a person's actions are ultimately detrimental to themselves. Her use of the child as leverage indicates an objectification, a tendency to see Baby Gabriel as a means to a desired end.

Does Elizabeth Johnson suffer from some form of disassociative identity disorder or some other mental disorder that could explain her behavior? Did she murder her own child, or did she really effect a transfer of the baby to an anonymous couple in a park in San Antonio. Can her state of mind be determined in either set of circumstances?
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