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Horary - The Truth of the Matter - Part 2

The chart we are working with is here:

The immediate sense is omninous. Scorpio rises, never comforting in a forensic horary chart because Scorpio is the sign of the 8th House of Death in the natural wheel. Additionally, at 2 degrees, ASCENDANT is in the Via Combusta (The Burning Way), a particularly malefic portion of the Zodiac, 15 degrees Libra through 15 degrees Scorpio. Notice the MOON is also in the Via Combusta, located in the 12th House of Misfortune, Sorrow & Woe. Ironically, MOON conjuncts the Fixed Star SPICA, the most benefic Star in the Heavens, but will that be enough to save the child?

SUN casts its light, showing us where to look next. SUN, in conjunction with CHIRON (wounding/harm/damage) and NEPTUNE (disappearance; also prominent in death charts) in the 4th House of the Grave. Part of MISfortune is there too, in critical degree (4 Mutable) in Pisces, sign on the cusp of the 5th House of the Child. This is testimony the child is dead.

Note: When FORTUNE is located in the 4th, 8th, or 12th House of the chart, it becomes the Part of MISFORTUNE.

MOON in the 12th House of Kidnapping/ Misfortune/ Sorrow & Woe applies trine to SUN in the 4th House of the Grave. This is testimony the child is dead.

The 3rd House is the House of Information/ Facts/ Rumors and PLUTO (complications/ kidnappers/ rape and also a death marker) is just inside the 3rd House cusp, followed by BLACK MOON LILITH, another death marker. MERCURY Lord of the interception in the 8th House of Death as well as the 11th House of Friends is there, as is MARS, ruler of the ASCENDANT and natural ruler of killers/ rapists/ violence. JUPITER the child (Lord 5) is there, conjunct the NORTH NODE in Fateful Degree (same degree as the NODES), always a sign of catastrophe, tragedy or fatality. Lord 3 SATURN located in the 11th House of Friends is opposite URANUS in the 5th House of the Child. The Truth of the Matter is that this child was abducted (PLUTO) and likely raped and killed.

Supporting evidence:

1. Part of Rape at 01 Scorpio, conjunct ASCENDANT.

2. Part of Treachery at 01 Scorpio, conjunct ASCENDANT.

3. Asteroid PERSEPHONE at 6 Aquarius parallel BLACK MOON LILITH, conjunct MARS (murderers, rapists) and conjunct the 1/26/09 Solar Eclipse, and Asteroid PROSPERINA at 26 Scorpio parallel JUPITER (Haleigh).

Note: Parallels act as conjunctions. PERSEPHONE/ PROSPERINA are alternate names for CERES's daughter, the girl who was abducted by HADES Lord of the Underworld.

4. The Part of Information, Whether True or False at 07:55 Aquarius is conjunct MARS (murder, murderers, rape, rapists), conjunct JUPITER (Haleigh) and trine the Part of Death at 06:21 Gemini intercepted in the 8th House of Death.

5. ALGOL (losing one's head, literally or figuratively), the most malefic Fixed Star in the Heavens conjuncts the 8th House of Death cusp.

6. JUPITER, CERES and VERTEX all in Fateful Degree -- same degree as the NODES -- with JUPITER (Haleigh) in crisis degree (9 Fixed). JUPITER (Haleigh) inconjunct CERES. Back to the myth of CERES & PERSEPHONE/PROSPERINA, this shows Haleigh was snatched from her "mother," and supports Misty's account of what happened. VERTEX in the same Fateful Degree shows a change, a turning point/ fateful encounter with others. In the 8th House, the change is Death.

The Perp:

The perp is SATURN/URANUS, Lord Turned 12 (radix 4th House Aquarius). He is located in the 11th House of Friends and disposited by MERCURY in End of His Rope 29th Degree in the 3rd House of Truth of the Matter. Notice SATURN and MERCURY are in mutual reception (in each other's signs). The perp is an older man and because SATURN is Retrograde, he has a hidden agenda = love of young children (mutual reception with MERCURY of young people). Notice the 5/11 axis comes into play in yet another chart. This again suggests a "friend" of the family and/or someone who has been in the home previously (or knows well its layout) or who is familiar with the family, knows a young girl lives there, etc. On the other hand, the 11th House in the natural wheel is Aquarius, with Lord 11 URANUS often given to perverts. Tuba/ Kaitland?? Any thoughts to share??

Where is Haleigh?

Based on JUPITER's location in the cadent 3rd House, Haleigh is hidden and not easy to find. However's she's close enough to 4th House cusp that I hold out hope she will be found sooner rather than later. I will try to determine a direction/ distance but it will be speculative. Tuba, please add your insights.

ETA: In the 911 Call Chart (the only timed chart we have), VENUS signifies Haleigh and is located in virtually the same area of that chart --- in the 3rd House, close to 4th House Cusp, only VENUS in the 911 Call chart is in Aries while in the Truth Chart, JUPITER (Haleigh) is in Aquarius. This still gives cadent house, hard to find, but maybe hope because close to an angular house. Directionally, both charts indicate almost due NORTH or conversely, SOUTH.



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