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Info for those people questioning George's "Food Channel" story:


Statement on Greta 8/6/08:

GEORGE ANTHONY: Oh, specifically. I remember it was 10 minutes to 1:00 on Monday the 16th.

VAN SUSTEREN: So in the middle of the afternoon or early afternoon.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Yes, it was shortly after the lunchtime hour. I was watching a favorite show I like to watch on TV, a news...

CINDY ANTHONY: Before you go to work.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Yes, it's was a Food Channel thing I watched
, so...

VAN SUSTEREN: And was it -- you were watching here in the living room.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Right, and I was sitting right here, almost in the same spot, just watching it, and saw my granddaughter and my daughter come out, you know, with their backpacks and...

CINDY ANTHONY: Like any other day.

GEORGE ANTHONY: Just like a normal thing type thing.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you know where they were headed with the backpacks?

GEORGE ANTHONY: My daughter said that she was going to work, dropping her daughter off at the nanny's house, and that was it. I give them both hugs, kisses and saw them go out the door like a typical thing that they've -- that she's done.

VAN SUSTEREN: Nothing out of the ordinary?

GEORGE ANTHONY: Just smiles, hugs. Dad, we'll see you tomorrow because I might be working a little bit late, type deal. And that was it.


Statement to, I think, the FBI, around the same time:

The 16th is when I actually saw Casey and Caylee together, they were both leaving with backpacks and my daughter said she was going to work and taking Caylee to the -- to the nanny. To the babysitter. But I know it was 10 minutes to 1:00, because I was watching this Food Channel thing that I watch between noon and 1:00. So -- I`m positive. That I can for a dog gone fact.


So, he was much more clear in his FBI statement that this was a Food Channel show from noon to 1 pm--not that he watched news from 12:00-12:30 and then switched over to the Food Channel as some have speculated. Which calls into question why he said "news" before Cindy said "before you go to work," then he said "Food Channel."

Food Network schedule, Eastern time zone, June 16, 2008, according to their website:

10:30 am- 12:30 pm The Essence of Emeril: BBQ Specialties
12:30 pm- 1:30 pm Unwrapped: Mintastic

(FYI for BJB: schedule for June 9 was 10:30 Emeril, 11:00 Boy Meets Grill, 12:30 Unwrapped)
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