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I think I read most of the posts here, but I can't be sure. I hope this isn't a repeat!

I'm on PDF pages 343-348. IMHO, Cindy has officially put Casey under the bus.

Cindy had stated she wasn't reading the discovery and I think she really should have. We all know that Caylee's body had been placed in a cylindrical laundry bag after being double-sealed in plastic bags, and we have the evidence picture to prove it.

Well, Linda Drane Burdick shows her the picture of the garage and asks her what is kept in the plastic bags up on the shelves. Unlike George, Cindy knows exactly what's where. She tells Linda that around Caylee's second birthday she bought a square laundry hamper to store Caylee's stuffed animals.

After some discussion, she says she bought a round one to keep balls in (the kind kids jump in). They had bought a "hippopotamus" from the neighbors with the balls. When they took the hippo off the porch, Cindy stored the round hamper in a plastic bag.

She points out that LE must have taken the round one because the black plastic bag it had been stored it was torn. She says they must have taken it Dec. 11, or she would have noticed the bag was torn and would have fixed the situation. LE wouldn't have torn the bag to get to its contents, that's more of a desperate Casey thing.

She also points out that the square one was missing. (We know LE took it Dec. 11)

Well, we know LE took the square one and matched it to the cylindrical one Caylee was dumped in... both same maker, same brand. Cindy ID'd them both


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