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This is a very interesting theory you have going here-- (you must have insider information is all that I can guess) --I have been wondering WHY San Antonio in the first place, and why this Homegate Studios instead of Motel 6, and why Raymond Russell Park which is quite far from the place where she stayed -- It sure smells like a prearranged set up to me --
add to that the "fleeing" afterwards taking Tornado instead of Greyhound, using a fake name --

This "underground" that TS mentioned supposedly came from EJ -- maybe there are agencies who side with the mother and illegally provide referrals to "underground" contacts for adoption? IDK
BBM. I had to take my daughter to the Dr today and we had to drive right past the Quality Inn where she stayed. It's less than 7 miles from Raymond Russell Park.

I'm going to try to add a screen shot. . .wish me luck. (crosses fingers)

Hey it worked!! . .sorta. The Home Gate is about 15 miles depending on the route she took. The little push pin at the bottom is the approximate locale of the Motel 6. That's is about 30 miles from the park.
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