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Originally Posted by salvarenga View Post
I am new to this case so I am hoping some one with more knowledge will clarify this for me. I just watched this video about the pizza delivery receipts. Pay attention to the receipts that they show during the video. They keep talking about the delivery being made to Elizabeth in room 150. Did she stay in two different rooms in that hotel? I ask because the second receipt that is shown during the later part of the video references #262.

So I guess my question is: Was Elizabeth ever in room #262 and if not then who was in Room #262 during that time frame?

262 is the phone extention number on those receipts. Good question though because the first receipt from the 21st doesn't have an extension number. Do the phone extension numbers match the room numbers? Only the first delivery guy has been interviewed and he claimed it was room 150. Did the second one go to a different room?

Here are some screen caps of those receipts to make it easier to discuss them.

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