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I am so relieved someone submitted this girl again. I submitted it back last summer to the Child Protection Education of America Organization. However, I think the were in the process of dissolving their organization at that time and when I did not hear from them, I checked back and it was no longer operating.

I recall including in my notes I was trying to obtain other post mortem photos because I thought there were good identifiers on the face of the deceased. This is just opinion, but I feel the more the faces are photo shopped, the greater the chance for loosing possible identifiers. I have used various methods of enhancement on the "original" photo (or as close as we have) and see what I believe to be small moles or markings that are not temporary blemishes. For instance, on the morgue Doe photo you can magnify the image and see on HER LEFT cheek (our right as we view) under and near the corner of her eye what appears to be a mole or raised area. Then on the same side of her face near the bridge of the nose there are tow more spots, one on top of the other with the same appearance. Nothing significant unless these are indeed permanent markers.

Now, check Aundria's photo and the same 'blemishes' are there in the same spot, which indicates to me these are moles or other permanent blemishes. Also note Aundria's left side of the lower lip (better seen enhanced and enlarged), it is slightly misshapen which also matches the Doe.

I wonder about a lot of submitted cases. Actually, I think little thought or care is put into these cases. For LE, they are is the time factor and agencies are not paying overtime. For non-profit organizations, they are money making organizations. Few care. Some do and we owe them a debt of gratitude. Then again, to be fair, they are overloaded, just as many of us are who are looking at hundreds of case files. Some do get lost in the shuffle. I am looking forward to the response on this one. Stay on them for an answer! :-)

Sorry to be so 'preachy' on which side of the face is left or right, but honestly, I have cases where the scars, marks and tattoos are listed on the wrong side of the body. So, I don't take anything for granted.
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