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KNSD (news 7) at 4:

The search is now RECOVERY not rescue.

Some of her clothing was found along the shoreline and that had his DNA on it.

Neighbors are outraged.

Witnesses say his pants were wet and a bit muddy from the knee down.

Neighbors are angry that the description from the December attack (which they ARE saying was JAG) wasn't made public because they would have found him before this.

They mention his history and his fascination with very young girls (which doesn't fit Chelsea or the other runner - and makes me increasingly thankful nothing happened at the elementary school right by JAG's family's home)

Chelsea's parents are still hoping she will be found.

Searchers and the community are even more determined to find answers and to find her, even with news of the arrest. Even Chargers players came out to search. (Way to go community!! Way to rally for one of our own!)

Her family is currently meeting with the DA to know what they will be facing.

JAG will be arraigned tomorrow.

They said it was a very rough day at Poway High and most of the campus (and community - per my own observations out and about) was dressed in blue and emotions are very high and parents are very concerned and worried about their own kids.

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