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Hi AZ!

If one is subpoenaed by a GJ, what can one say or not say prior to appearing? That one has been subpoenaed? When it is? Or?

After appearing, what can one say? That one appeared? That one testified? That one did not testify? That one plead the fifth? Or?

This is being discussed in this thread:
2010.08 03 - GJ Subpoena Issued To Another Friend Of Terri Horman - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

because an article was just published wherein a friend of Terri claims she has been subpoenaed and will appear on Thursday. Also I noticed KGW and Oregonian both reported that Kaine confirmed he appeared (not that he testified, just appeared), and he would not comment on what Desiree or Tony were there for.

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