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Okay, I looked at the video posted in the 1st link here...
Originally Posted by Pensfan View Post
Yeah, it really looks like the boyfriend, but I guess not if the boyfriend is the man on the couch with mom in this video. (around 1:55)
Bio dad's eyes are interesting. Skip the first part of the video if you are short on time and go to around the 1:10 mark.
And figured out where CD (Dad) lives. He does NOT live just across the street, but actually over a street and around 2 corners. No, not that far, but definitely, IMHO, not across the street, as has been reported. Hailey likely would have cut across between the backs of other houses (3-4 buildings/6-8 residences, since these are duplex houses) and a field with water towers to get to CD's house from BO's house. This leave more room for what happened to Hailey between BO's house and CD's hosue, IMO. While it is an open field, it is not as I was picturing as the houses being right across the street from one another.

So if she initially headed in the direction of her father's house, when and where did she veer and which direction did she head after that?

And link...

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