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Originally Posted by Texas Mist View Post

Weeks said the boys' father, John Skelton, who is facing kidnapping charges in their disappearance, gave misinformation to investigators.

He said Skelton told police the boys are with a group called the United Foster Outreach and Underground Sanctuaries -- a group Weeks said investigators have not been able to confirm exists.
Weeks said he wanted to make this news public so that when farmers go back to their fields in the spring and campers head to campgounds, they are aware that the boys -- Andrew, Alexander and Tanner, ages 9, 7 and 5 -- may still be out there.

more here

Breaking this down in my frustratingly little to go on in this case, so forgive me if it's way out there...

Quite an unusual name: United Foster Outreach Underground Sanctuaries

It's a little redundant and confusing, no? Obviously it implies more than one location, "underground" is a buzzword JS probably heard before and thought made sense. I can even see "sanctuaries." And again, "united" implies a unity, a network, a plurality. "foster" home is kind of similar to "sanctuary" And "outreach" in this context makes no sense at all. Evangelicals use the term "outreach" frequently, was he meaning to imply a connection with a church ministry?

JS has proved to be not entirely stupid and I think he thinks he's smarter than everyone, including LE. So that got me thinking. In other crimes perpetrators have used "clues" to try to toy with police. Is he sending some kind of message with this complicated name? He certainly has had plenty of time to think about it, are you telling me this is the best he could come up with?

Consider these possible interpretations:

United Foster Outreach Underground Sanctuaries - U FOUnd uS. Is he laughing to himself because the police have already searched the area where the boys are?

Could also be United Foster Outreach Underground Sanctuaries - U FOUnd Sanctuaries...possibly the same meaning, or maybe trying to convince himself that the boys have found sanctuary, i.e. what he did was right.

Like I said, out there, I know, but I think he chose those words carefully.
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