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Thanks to Cynic for sending this to me;
My pleasure.
In her show on Investigation Discovery Jones talks about former Boulder D.A. Mary Lacy's letter of exoneration of the Ramseys. Basically the letter said the Ramseys were innocent of any involvement in the death of JonBenet. On a side note what kind of D.A. does this while an investigation is going on? Wouldn't the police be part of the exoneration? Why was the Boulder P.D. involved? Because the letter was crap that's why. Anyway . . .
For those who are unfamiliar with Lacy's bias:

Fear of a civil lawsuit, coupled with Mary Lacy’s strong belief in the intruder theory cemented the direction of the DA’s office under her leadership. While many in the general public believe that the Ramseys were exonerated in 2008, the record shows that they were essentially exonerated the moment that Mary Lacy took office.

"John and Patsy Ramsey have asked the Boulder County district attorney to find another police agency to investigate fresh leads into their daughter JonBenet's Christmas 1996 slaying."
"If that doesn't happen, the Ramseys may sue to force the Boulder Police Department to turn its case over to another agency, L. Lin Wood, the family's attorney, said Monday."
Daily Camera, Matt Sebastian, October 29, 2002


"Wood said he expects to file a civil lawsuit against the Boulder Police Department by the end of the year seeking compensatory damages for the Ramseys, and possibly seeking to transfer the investigation to another law enforcement agency."
Daily Camera,Katherine Vogt (Associated Press) November 20, 2002

One month later…

Based on the above and after consultation with Chief Beckner, I have made a decision to conduct further investigation from within my office, using our investigative resources.
We will work cooperatively with Lou Smit, the Ramseys, and the Boulder Police Department.
Please understand that this decision is being made for one reason only, the fact that a violent child murderer is at large.
Mary Keenan, Letter to Lin Wood, December 20, 2002

Lin Wood: "Well, I think the timing of the decision on Friday may have been affected by my letter. I did write Mary Keenan. I've been trying for over three and a half years as the attorney for John and Patsy Ramsey to get this case out of the hands of the Boulder Police Department
NBC Today Show, Katie Couric interview with Lin Wood, Dec 23, 2002

"Keenan said Monday she agrees with a federal judge (Carnes) in Atlanta that the evidence points to an intruder, not the 6-year-old beauty queen's parents, as the girl's killer."
Denver Post, Marilyn Robinson, Apr 08, 2003

"Ramsey attorney L. Lin Wood of Atlanta said Keenan's statement removes the long-standing "umbrella of suspicion" over the couple."
"This means that the nightmare that John and Patsy Ramsey have lived with, of being falsely accused of the murder of their daughter, is finally over," Wood said. "And, from the lawyer's perspective, the days of anyone accusing my clients of murder are also over."
Rocky Mountain News, Owen S. Good, Apr 08, 2003

"But Carnes' ruling was based only on the facts presented by the Ramseys and their lawyer, L. Lin Wood, and Wolf and his lawyer, Darnay Hoffman - and not on a comprehensive review of investigators' 40,000-plus pages of evidence.”
Rocky Mountain News, Charlie Brennan. Apr 25, 2003

District Attorney Mary Keenan went public April 7 with her belief that evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey case points to an intruder as the killer - not Patsy Ramsey.
But sources familiar with Keenan and the case say this isn't a new view for Boulder's top prosecutor. Keenan, in fact, has supported the intruder theory for nearly five years, dating to the summer of 1998, according to the sources.
It's not only law enforcement sources who say Keenan has long been a proponent of the intruder theory.

One source involved in those sessions recalls being told by colleagues that Keenan chided Haney for being too tough on Patsy Ramsey.
"Mary really had her nose in it, and thought that the Ramseys were being really pushed around," said another key law enforcement source.
Former Boulder police Detective Steve Thomas, who quit the department in 1998, wrote a book detailing his theory that Patsy Ramsey hit JonBenet in a flash of anger over bed-wetting. He eventually reached an out-of-court settlement after they sued him for his comments.
In one section of his book, he wrote: "Alex Hunter said that he thought Patsy Ramsey was involved. That was more than offset by comments from his staff. Deputy DA Mary Keenan said the body language of John and Patsy wasn't suggestive of deception, and that men were not in a position to judge Patsy Ramsey's demeanor."
Rocky Mountain News, Charlie Brennan, April 25, 2003
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