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Lisa Irwin Timeline October 3, 2011-October 12, 2011

A few good news/video links:

**off of the scanner archives: (thank you pferrin)

KCPD archives..

10/04/11 3:56am-4:26am approx (4:04am)8.20mins into tape..officer 310 called by
dispatch called 10 month old missing and screen is busted. Dont know how long she has been missing. dispatch gave addy on Lister.

630 also copy

10:00 min into tape(approx 4:06am) 630 calls dispatch asking what caller had said.
Dispatch said screen was busted baby was missing.

4:26-4:56am ..1 min into tape..630 calls dispatch requesting Duty Officers phone number sent to his terminal.


Monday October 3, 2011

Abducted by intruder through bedroom window. Far right window of house.

UPDATE—according to police spokesman window may not be correct.

3620 block of North Lister 64117


Lisa in bed at 7:30 p.m. Debbie in bed at 10:30 after checking on Lisa. 6 year old son slept with Debbie in parents room. Point of entry by abductor was unlocked front door, window mentioned earlier was NOT tampered with.
Irwin, an electrician, said he returned from work around 4 a.m. Tuesday and discovered Lisa was missing. Bradley said she last checked on the child around 10:30 p.m., then fell asleep in her bed with her 6-year-old son and a stray kitten they found earlier in the day.

Read more: a_irwin_in_kansas_landfill_for_a_.html#ixzz1aDuFH5 lM

Tuesday October 4, 2011 3:30 a.m. (first report stated it was 4:00 a.m.) Father returns home from work and discovered baby missing from crib.,3181219.story

UPDATE 10-6-11 3 cell phones also taken. One does not even work. Also, dad came home to find front door unlocked, most of the lights on and front window open.

Jeremy Irwin, Lisa’s father, told local media that whoever took his daughter also took all three of their cell phones so they couldn’t call anybody, including 911.

Read more:

~one of the cell phones did not work.. all three were on the counter and she was in the midst of reprogramming them/putting numbers into them

~phones were gone

~she did not notice if anything else was taken.. all she cares about is that the baby was gone.

~she grabbed the boys and went out into the yard and flagged down LE when they pulled into the yard

~she said nothing else appeared to be missing but she does not know

(thank you NBM)

Jeremy—regarding what phone was used to call 911—thank you patty g!

Jeramy hadn't taken his phone with him so his phone and her phone were on the kitchen counter. The third phone was a broken phone.

She was telling Jeramy to call 911, call 911 and they were panicking. She said were are the phones? Jeramy had his work phone on him however, he didn't know that he had his work phone on him until he put his hand in his pocket.

__________________________________________________ ___________________

Other two sons asleep in different bedrooms. (sons are half brothers to Lisa-the 6 year old is Debbie’s and the 8 year old is Jeremy’s from previous relationships.)—Correction. One son—the 6 year old was asleep with the mom and a stray kitten he had found earlier in the day.

Father is electrician that works nights. This night was the first night he EVER worked at night.—Jeremy

Mother is a SAHM--Debbie

Monday October 3, 2011 10:00 p.m. Last seen in crib wearing purple shorts and purple shirt with white kittens on it.

**Possibly seen by Mr. Parscale (a man that lives in the area) according to his wife Lisa around 12:00 a.m. Tuesday wearing only a diaper being carried by a male. Quote from Lisa--“He seen the guy act like he was going to go into a residence,” Parscale said, “but then my husband drove off so we’re thinking that maybe he was just doing that so that my husband would leave.”

**Parscale says her husband saw the man walking on a street perpendicular to North Lister, where Lisa Irwin lives with her parents and brothers.

Tuesday October 4, 2011 3:30 a.m. (first report stated it was 4:00 a.m.) Father returns home from work and discovered baby missing from crib. Father calls 911 around 4:04 a.m.

UPDATE at 2:00 p.m. October 4 presser Capt. Steve Young speaking—Parents’ story has no holes. Looking into neighbor that possibly saw Lisa being carried by the male. No suspects other than neighbor sighting.

Tuesday October 4, 2011 approx. 7:00 p.m. amber alert cancelled. Lisa is considered a MISSING/ENDANGERED JUVENILE. Per police the alert has served it’s purpose. Police and dogs will search for a while into the night.

*** Tuesday night authorities searched a van and car at the home. There is no word on what police found or were looking for. Officers searching for the child focused on areas near the family's home such as railroad tracks near the north side of the Missouri River and a wooded area behind the home.,6273053.story

Tuesday 9:25 p.m.

Mass exodus of police from the command center. Looks like K-9's are finished searching for the night. Police search will continue in AM
by cliffjudy via twitter 9:25 P
**family stayed with relatives after being questioned until 10:30 p.m.

Wednesday October 5, 2011

9:00 a.m. press conference Capt. Steve Young speaking—basically no new information. Still searching with dogs, however there have been no hits. Parents not ruled out, but also not suspects. Very cooperative.

** KMBC's Jana Corrie: Children who were also inside the home at the time of the disappearance staying with neighbors

Read more:

**conflicting reports…unless the Grandparents are being referred to as “neighbors”

NBC Action News reporter Sloane Heller reports Lisa’s grandparents are watching the couple’s other children and have not been able to reach them since earlier Tuesday.

Read more:


Next news conference sometime this afternoon.
2:00 news conference—Jeremy spoke with Deborah (Bradley?) by his side. Begged for baby to be dropped off somewhere safe. The brothers are waiting to see their sister. Declined to take questions.

Again, Capt. Has no leads, not ruling out anything. 300 knocks and searches. 46 tips. No ransom note. Family is free to go where they would like. Family does not want to be at house.
**Alleged sighting of Lisa with a middle aged white male and female at a Love’s gas station in St. Joseph, MO I-29 and US HWY 169. Driving older model SUV. Article came out around 5:15 p.m. Surveillance video has been turned over to LE. Police say it doesn’t seem to be a major lead.

Thursday October 6, 2011

**Jeremy and Debbie provided LE with a list of 9 names of people that could be possible suspects.

**Per Debbie regarding cell phones and possible other missing items:
~one of the cell phones did not work.. all three were on the counter and she was in the midst of reprogramming them/putting numbers into them

~phones were gone

~she did not notice if anything else was taken.. all she cares about is that the baby was gone.

~she grabbed the boys and went out into the yard and flagged down LE when they pulled into the yard

~she said nothing else appeared to be missing but she does not know

(thank you NBM)

** police detectives are meeting early this morning to talk about where to search next.

**per Debbie, “Lisa is very sweet and will go to almost anybody.”

**per Jeremy, window was not tampered with, so perp (s) must have come in through unlocked front door.

**Lisa went to bed at 7:30 p.m. Debbie went to bed at 10:30 after checking on Lisa. 5 year old son slept with Debbie in parents room.


***Debbie and Jeremy have a heated discussion with LE before speeding off in police car to command center to find out about possible new lead.,5671503.story


**the list of suspects provided by the parents is now up to 12.---suspects all cleared
Capt. Young: "the mother and father no longer want to cooperate with detectives."

Read more:

Originally Posted by BeanE
--thank you BeanE
Capt. Young: "There is no doubt they informed us that they no longer wish to cooperate with the investigation."
by Brian Foster - 8:05 PM

Capt. Young: "We have no plans to close the command center yet, but it will close at some point."
by Brian Foster - 8:04 PM

Capt. Young: "I don't have to illustrate how their lack of cooperation hurts the investigation."by Brian Foster - 8:03 PM

Capt. Young: "I cannot get into the details of the investigation."
by Brian Foster - 8:03 PM

Capt. Young: "the mother and father no longer want to cooperate with detectives."by Brian Foster - 8:02 PM

Capt. Young: "We don't have any suspect. If we had enough to charge anyone with, we'd probably be pursuing charges."
by Brian Foster - 8:02 PM

Capt. Young: "We don't have any suspects. From an investigative standpoint we've enjoyed their cooperation"
by Brian Foster - 8:02 PM

Capt. Young": The parents have intimate information as to what's been going on...our door is open and it doesn't help that they are no longer cooperating"
by Brian Foster - 8:02 PM

Capt. Young: "They've always been free and cooperative up until this point, but they've decided to stop cooperating"
by Brian Foster - 8:01 PM

Capt. Steve Young: Mother and father of baby Lisa Irwin have stopped cooperating with police
by Brian Foster - 8:01 PM

"This evening we will be shutting down the command post. We believe we have done all we can regarding geographic searches and will continue tracking leads as we get them or develop additional information," police Officer Darin Snapp said in a news release.

Read more:

Family statement: We saw the press conference at 7 PM, and we want you to know we have never stopped cooperating with police.
by Brian Foster - 9:11 PM

Read more:

Friday October 7, 2011
(thank you BeanE for gathering these)
#LisaIrwin's mom:We want to thank everybody who has helped us so far.
1 minute ago

#LisaIrwin's mom: we are not angry, we just want our daughter home, that's all we care about.
2 minutes ago

#LisaIrwin's mom: we appreciate everything the police dept. has done, we appreciate everything everybody has done.
2 minutes ago

#LisaIrwin mom: we don't know, which is why we need everybody to continue to look for her...because we want her home, we can't do this alone
21 seconds ago

#LisaIrwin's mom: "he's a good father and he's good to me and he loves her and everybody loves her, but no, there's no way." (about father)
38 seconds ago

#LisaIrwin's dad: hasn't taken polygraph but "if that's what it takes..."
3 minutes ago

#LisaIrwin's mom: "what do you say when someone tells you that and you know you didn't do anything."
4 minutes ago

#LisaIrwin's mom: volunteered to take polygraph, told failed. Says that's not possible.
4 minutes ago

#LisaIrwin's mom: We don't care what anybody thinks, we don't care what they think, our concern is to find Lisa, our Lisa.
5 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

#LisaIrwin's Mom: don't have hard feelings, not mad, this is what they (police) have to do.
5 minutes ago

#LisaIrwin's Mom: police really nice yesterday, not like that the first time.
6 minutes ago

**Debbie failed LDT. Jeremy has offered, but LE said it’s not necessary.

Floor plan of Debbie and Jeremy’s home (thank you Carriebean)

**a neighbor in the area also had her dog come up missing the same night. (maybe related, maybe not)
**FBI cleared all the people that Jeremy and Debbie mentioned as possible suspects.


***Call made from Irwin home at 2:30 a.m.—I can’t find anything else about this, so regard as rumor.

**Debbie failed the LDT “MISERABLY”

** Jeremy at work constructing a new Starbucks (company? All Current Electric)

**Per the great grandfather (see the end of the following video at the 1:16 mark)

The GGFather then says "they are supposed to...with their lawyer offer some kind of statement to the press at a later time...(-00:19)

Then the reporter then says " you just heard, the couple has now hired a lawyer .....

Thank you to Hazel for finding this!
***ANONYMOUS TIP—LE searching Shawnee Kansas landfill.

**FBI: This is the second time they've searched the JOCO landfill. The first was Tuesday - hours after #LisaIrwin was reported missing.
10 minutes ago

**Searching landfill----possible connection to a dumpster fire at 4897 NE 37 st at 2:27 a.m. Tuesday, October 4. Dumpster less than ½ mile from Irwin home. Trash from fire been examined twice.,5538504.story

#LisaIrwin update: FBI not saying what, if anything, found at landfill.
**searching using metal detectors behind the Irwin house.

** possible sighting in California

Thanks to BeanE:

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
#LisaIrwin prayer vigil beginning now.
12 minutes ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
I also asked #LisaIrwin's aunt if she or family members were getting any sleep. She said, "Not a wink."
38 minutes ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
Walking around P&L District with #LisaIrwin's aunt as she passes out fliers with Lisa's picture.
1 hour ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
Talked briefly off camera with #LisaIrwin's aunt last night. Asked how her brother (Lisa's dad) was holding up. "He's a wreck."
4 hours ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
About to head out to 6pm missing person flyer hanging & 9pm prayer vigil for #LisaIrwin. Family plans to attend both.
4 hours ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
#LisaIrwin RT @itsvann @CliffJudy Prayer vigil location has changed to Penguin Park off of Vivion Rd @ 9pm
5 hours ago

LindsayShively Lindsay Shively
Just watched a 'nat'l media crew' tape a missing poster to a tree, shoot it then take it down. Not ok. Not journalism.
9 hours ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
Family statement denied what police are saying, brought focus back to #LisaIrwin, and even thanked PD. Another statement planned tomorrow.
20 hours ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
What does latest in #LisaIrwin case mean? PD strategy: pressure parents. At very least, KCPD thinks parents not as forthcoming as possible.
20 hours ago

Cliff Judy
@CliffJudy Kansas City
Reporter for KMBC 9 in Kansas City.!/CliffJudy

Saturday October 8, 2011

Re-cap—everyone cleared except for Debbie

**Possible new lead. Teenage neighbor being questioned. Also, DNA taken from teen. Neighbor was home the day Lisa disappeared and also knew the code to get into the garage.

Tweets (thank you BeanE)

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
#LisaIrwin's family says parents unavailable right now, but still hoping to talk today. Again, stay tuned.
32 minutes ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
Was supposed to do 1-on-1 interview with #LisaIrwin's parents at 11:00 (scheduled talks with all stations). Family's not here. Stay tuned.
34 minutes ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
Got call from #LisaIrwin's family this morning. Upset media still reporting no cooperation with PD. Says they talked to feds, PD 2x yest
57 minutes ago

Cliff Judy
@CliffJudy Kansas City
Reporter for KMBC 9 in Kansas City!/CliffJudy

**Parents agree to meet with police today

Debbie Bradley and Jeremy Irwin had agreed to conduct a 10 a.m. interview Saturday with KCTV5 about the disappearance of their daughter, Lisa Irwin.
The interview was abruptly canceled because the parents had agreed to meet with detectives to talk about the disappearance of baby Lisa, a family spokesman told KCTV5.
This comes after police on Thursday had said Irwin and Bradley were no longer cooperating with detectives. The parents have denied this.

**Parents trying to set up trust fund to encourage more tips.

Mike LeRette — a cousin of the baby's mother, Deborah Bradley, and a spokesman for the family — said lawyers are now working with the family to set up a trust fund that would accept donations for a reward fund.

Read more:

Kansas City police confirm they have talked with Jeremy Irwin and Deborah Bradley by phone today.
by Karen Yancey 1:21 PM

Read more:

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
CSI crew is back at the #LisaIrwin home with metal detectors.
2 minutes ago

CliffJudy Cliff Judy
CSI crew now scanning the front yard at #LisaIrwin house. Offc says Capt. Young will be here shortly to explain.
1 minute ago

NimaKCTV5 Nima Shaffe
Detectives from @kcpolice at this home in #LisaIrwin neighborhood for the second time.

KCTV5_6AM Alex Spearman
@kcpolice say parents of #LisaIrwin are sitting down with investigators right now.
2 minutes ago

NimaKCTV5 2 hours 14 mins ago Twitter
Detectives from @kcpolice at this home in #LisaIrwin neighborhood for the second time. Updates on #KCTV5 News at 6 & 10

**the above is the teen neighbor’s house.
Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community - View Single Post - MO - AMBER ALERT: Lisa Irwin, 10 months, Kansas City, 4 Oct 2011 - #8,1316565.story (Reporter David Dunn)

Debbie Netz Bradley IS still married to her first husband.

myKCTV5 Amy Anderson
The lines of communication are open once again...between KCMO police and Lisa Irwin's parents. Detectives are with them now. #LisaIrwin
48 seconds ago Favorite Retweet Reply

PeterAlexander Peter Alexander
#LisaIrwin parents meeting once again w/ #KansasCity PD detectives as we speak. #missingbaby
1 minute ago

Missing Baby's Extended Family Discusses Mom's Past

Video report,1316565.story

Judge Jeanine Show—Fox excerpts
Jeanne P: was front door locked or unlocked?

Mom: I don't remember

Computer room window left open
Doesn’t remember if she locked the front door or not
JI asked why screen popped out on window?
Then JI says Baby’s door open, JI went back to check and she is not there
Mother felt panic
Boys woke up and crying
JI used work phone to call 911—in interview
re 3 cell phones missing

Video where mother states that children watched movie with neighbor kids.

Jeremy—regarding what phone was used to call 911—thank you patty g!

Jeramy hadn't taken his phone with him so his phone and her phone were on the kitchen counter. The third phone was a broken phone.

She was telling Jeramy to call 911, call 911 and they were panicking. She said were are the phones? Jeramy had his work phone on him however, he didn't know that he had his work phone on him until he put his hand in his pocket.


Captain: i can confirm family told us 3 cells taken, but if that led to anything we would have put that out...


Captain Young: re phone call at 2:38 from 1 of phones
can't discuss
i challenge anyone to think of anything we haven't done

Jeanne P: father's car broken into last month; he made a police report

Sunday October 9, 2011

Tweets—(thank you BeanE)

kshbphotog Brandon Billinger
It appears as though police detectives are searching #lisairwin's home again. @NBCActionNews @todayshow
2 minutes ago

Police are back out at #lisairwins home. Odd that they have their flashing lights on. @nbcactionnews
12 minutes ago

KCTVPhotog_Josh Josh Collins
More police arriving at #LisaIrwin home.
4 minutes ago

KCTVPhotog_Josh Josh Collins
Police shooting exterior video of #LisaIrwin home.
1 minute ago

kshbphotog Brandon Billinger

Police detectives taking video of the outside of #LisaIrwin's home. @NBCActionNews
1------------------- minute ago

Originally Posted by BeanE
EricKCTV5 Eric Chaloux
#LisaIrwin case update: On MyKSMO--What did PD do at family house?Why was KCPD in Kansas on this story? The answers live at 9pm.
3 minutes ago

EricKCTV5 Eric Chaloux - Vigil for #LisaIrwin---outside family's house.
6 minutes ago

EricKCTV5 Eric Chaloux
More than 250 tips in #LisaIrwin case.We were there today in Kansas when PD investigated one of them. More at 9 on KSMO and 1030 on KCTV5.
4 minutes ago

EricKCTV5 Eric Chaloux
I did not see #LisaIrwin parents at vigil. Don't know if they were called by neighbors organizing event. Family hasn't been at house all day
2 minutes ago
Monday October 10, 2011

**Per GMA possible handyman/plumber being looked at.

Detectives also went door to door asking neighbors about a local handyman who hasn't been seen since the infant, NBC News reported.

Tweets—thank you beane

Lindsay Shively
Cops show neighbors pic of handyman that hasn't been seen in a week, family sets up re
ward fund, but still no sign of #LisaIrwin or suspects
1 hour ago

Heycameraman HC
Investigators have now left the #lisairwin home. No comment if they found anything.!/Heycameraman

Police search woody area behind neighbors home in the #LisaIrwin case.

EricKCTV5 Eric Chaloux

A grand jury will hear evidence in #LisaIrwin case.KCTV5 asked to provide interviews and video.

Early Monday evening NBC Action News received a grand jury subpoena in relation to the search for 10-month-old Lisa Irwin search.
The Clay County Prosecutor's Office is asking for specific footage.

Read more:

Article regarding homeless handyman

Also Monday, reports surfaced of a homeless man seen in the area in the weeks leading up to the possible kidnapping of the 10-month-old Irwin from her Kansas City, North home in the 3600 block of North Lister Avenue.
Norval C. Nichols, who lives about a block from Lisa’s home, said that police showed him a photograph last week of the homeless man and asked about any possible connection to the missing child. Nichols described the homeless man as being in his 20s, with brownish blond hair and a clean appearance. The man once was seen in the neighborhood riding a red bicycle, he said.
Nichols said he also saw the man about a week or two before Lisa was reported missing but not afterward. The two men spoke briefly at a nearby park weeks ago. The man told Nichols that he was looking for a job or any handy jobs in the neighborhood.
“He made me feel real uncomfortable,” Nichols said. “Something was not right, so I eased off from him.”
Nichols said he recognized the man when police showed him the photograph.

Read more:

Article regarding Deborah buying wine etc.

That comes one day after police took their investigation of the child's disappearance to a nearby grocery store, Festival Foods near I-35 and Chouteau, where Deborah Bradley and an unidentified man were seen buying a box of wine, paper plates and napkins about five hours before Bradley told police she put Lisa Irwin in her crib for the night.

Police would not comment on that aspect of the investigation.,3702048.story

Tuesday October 11, 2011

Breaking: A well has been discovered under a deck in a backyard next to the Irwin home. It is being disassembled
by Brian Foster - 10:26 AM

Read more:

NBCActionNewsNBC Action News

DEVELOPING: Search for #LisaIrwin moves to well at nearby vacant house

KMBC's Brenda Washington said an abandoned home and lot was also being searched at 3838 North Brighton
by Brian Foster - 10:46 AM

Read more:

JiaoJiao Shen
Latest development came from a tip. Well at 38th & Brighton is 3 ft. wide, 25-30 ft. deep. Person about to be lowered into well. #LisaIrwin
18 seconds ago

Breit: This search was not the result of a tip. This was something police felt they needed to do.
by Brian Foster - 11:37 AM

Read more:

We just received this statement from police, via email: Investigators received a tip about an abandoned house (3838 N Brighton) with a well in the area near Lisa Irwin's home. Detectives and KCFD are on scene checking the well in the rear of the residence.

Read more:

Per Capt. Young—talking on the phone with Megan Kelly---LE was there to search the abandoned house and that’s when LE found the cistern. Tip was to search the house…LE found the cistern and decided to search that, too.

Man at convenience store will do nothing to further the case and they know who he is.

From Police: The well was drained and nothing was recovered. Investigators will still continue to follow up on tips.
by Brian Foster - 2:28 PM

Read more:

Abandoned house where well was drained and searched, demolished

The search of the well absolutely floored the man who owns the Northland home.
NBC Action News reached him on the phone and actually told him law enforcement had swarmed his property.
The homeowner, who now lives in independence, initially wondered why NBC Action News was calling him this morning.

We asked him if he still owns the property near 38th and North Brighton and he answered, "yes", and we asked him to turn on the TV.
That's when he saw dozens of police officers and firefighters in his backyard.

The man said the home has been vacant for about two years.

He hasn't been by the property in months and said he was waiting for the market to improve before he tries to fix up the house and sell it.

He has since learned that the house was declared a dangerous building and has already been bulldozed by the city.
David Park with KCMO Neighborhood and Community Services said the city declared the home a "dangerous building". The homeowner said that he was never contacted by the city or police in regards to the matter.

The homeowner was surprised he still hasn't heard from detectives about the search of his property.

When police were asked about it, they told NBC Action News that no consent from the homeowner is required because of the emergency situation involving a missing child.

Regardless, the owner said he's been "freaking out" all day about seeing his old home suddenly take center stage in this national story.

Read more:

Unknown source hires Bill Stanton, PI to help find Lisa

Bill “Wild Bill” Stanton, a former New York policeman who has served as an ABC News and NBC News security consultant, told reporters that he’ll be conducting an independent investigation, but added that he hopes to meet with police.
“I’m here to seek the truth,” Stanton told reporters during a briefing late Tuesday. “And wherever the truth leads, that’s where I’m going to go.”
Police did not immediately comment on the news about Stanton.
“We know she’s out there, and we know what the obvious focus is,” Stanton said. “We want to expand that focus.”

Read more:

Bill Stanton stepped in front of cameras Tuesday evening and said he will work with authorities and the media to help find the 11-month-old.

"I want everyone to know I'm not here to defend or represent anyone," Stanton said. "I have been asked to come out here to find Lisa and to find the perpetrator or perpetrators."

KMBC's Marcus Moore reported that the Irwins said they did not hire Stanton, but declined to say who asked him for assistance with the case.

Read more:

Wednesday October 12, 2011
· From KMBC's Jana Corrie, who just spoke to Bill Stanton over the phone: He says he's meeting with the family later this morning and going to try to talk with police and will let us know his plan after that. He says he will hold a news conference tomorrow - time and place TBD.
by Brian Foster - 8:24 AM
· Today Show: Bradley purchased box of wine and baby goods
by Brian Foster - 7:44 AM
· Today Show: Bradley seen shopping with unidentified man
by Brian Foster - 7:44 AM
· Today Show: Surveillance video shows Lisa's mother shopping hours before baby Lisa disappeared
by Brian Foster - 7:44 AM
· More on the latest news that someone has hired a private investigator to help find baby Lisa:
by Brian Foster - 6:34 AM

Read more:

Officers are out searching another northland location
by Brian Foster - 11:30 AM

Read more:

Police said they would bring horses and dogs to the area as part of the search for the baby, now in its ninth day.

Read more:

Tweets regarding today’s searches:

(thank you BeanE)
KCTVPhotog_Rob Rob Rhodes
by NimaKCTV5
2 ATVs are trailered while 2 canines start another round of searching 3600 N. Brighton woods. #LisaIrwin
31 minutes ago

KCTVPhotog_Rob Rob Rhodes
Many searchers back to starting point. Discussing if they are missing any areas. Very thick brush near 3600 N. Brighton #LisaIrwin
1 hour ago

KCTVPhotog_Rob Rob Rhodes
One canine returns to police car after searching woods at 3600 N.Brighton. One ATV returned to start point then resumed search. #LisaIrwin
1 hour ago

KCTVPhotog_Rob Rob Rhodes
KCMO PD ends search in woods near 3600 N. Brighton. Nothing found. #LisaIrwin
13 minutes ago


Picture from shopping for wine and baby supplies with known male.
(male is possibly Deborah’s brother)
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