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At least we've gone below the million dollar price tag. May it get lower and lower and lower! Actually, just give her the low ball number of $500,000.00 and call it a day! Just pick it up already and get it over with.

As much as I don't want Casey making a single cent off murdering Caylee, I think we can all rest assured that she will not really be getting any of that money herself. You have the IRS who will be waiting in line first. She already owes them a hefty amount and I figured $500,000.00 at 30% and she would owe another $150,000.00. The producer who is pitching the interview will want 15% which comes to $75,000.00. She owes all the money to the State which I found could be as high as $217,000.00.

So we have 68,000.00 in back taxes
$150,000.00 in taxes she would owe for the $500,000.00
$75,000.00 to the producer pitching the interview
$217,000.00 she owes the State and Sheriff's Department

After just these four... she would already be in the red by $10,000.00 and we have no idea what will happen with the civil trials or even what she has promised her lawyers for their services.

I'd say she's screwed any which way!

She better agree to the first offer or she is going to find the price tag dropping lower and lower.
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