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If Mr. Sternberg is reading here, I would like for you to take just a moment of your time and think about Caylee Marie Anthony. You do know who that is, right? Well, just to remind you...

Caylee Marie Anthony, 2-years-old, was murdered on June 16th, 2008 in what should have been the safety of her own home and by the one person that was supposed to love and protect her... Casey Marie Anthony.

Caylee Marie Anthony had three pieces of duct tape applied to her tiny face. Three... Long... Pieces. It was applied so tight that for six months it kept her manible in place. Six months in the sweltering Florida heat. Through a Historic Tropical Storm named Faye. Even through scavengers ripping her little body into pieces and scattering what was left of her all over those swamp-like woods filled with trash.

But even before this took place... and right after the duct tape had been applied and Caylee took her last breath... Caylee was triple bagged. Two garbage bags and one canvas laundry bag. She was then tossed into the trunk of Casey Anthony's car... a car she only had access to... and went and slept with her boyfriend... all...night...long and into the next day.

And this is who you want to make $750,000.00?? There is so much more horrifying things we all know that you obviously don't know. Just look at the pictures of little Caylee prior to her death. Look at her eyes. Look at the puffy dark circles. Something was going on.

I have to stop...
Justice for Trayvon
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