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Originally Posted by eileenhawkeye View Post
I read it; that's what I was commenting about. I think that this producer asked ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC----the big main networks----if they were interested in interviewing Casey. They said no, so now he is asking cable channels, who are also saying no.
Ok, I misunderstood. It is great news though isn't it? My husband is a writer, and one thing I know about this 'pitching' process is that once people start turning it down, it gets harder to get a' yes. ' When one network wants it, then everyone does and it starts a bidding war. But when networks turn it down because of ethical considerations [ which is rare in Hollywood] --then the others feel compelled to do the same.

What happened to those independant producers offering her the big bucks. Looks like they don't think they can sell it to any sponsors either. Ha Ha HA
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