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Originally Posted by Horace Finklestein View Post
I agree. There is no way they can say they loved Caylee after the way they utterly disgraced her memory. Appearances were and are important to them, not people.
Originally Posted by Sleuths4Me View Post
I don't think GA helped throw Caylee out like that, he had more respect for that time...but once he got in the car from the tow yard and knew the smell and when he knew KC was home, he KNEW what happened at that point and really at that point I think he was in shock and not wanting it to be true and also didn't want to lose his daughter as well. He told the LE about the smell that night, he knew but the moment he started to believe (or go along with) KC and her lies the respect he gave Caylee was gone...for 3 years it was gone until I believe the day he was on the witness stand and told JB that 1+1=2 and he got of that stand and wiped his hands clean.
George has been well conditioned from the narcissist females in his life.
He's more a victim, IMO.
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