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Originally Posted by Frydaddy View Post
Running, two minutes, walking four. That's assuming a quarter mile, which is very generous on the estimated distance.

Clearly, from any point along that "back sidewalk", TM had the available time to walk or run to his home provided he was not stopped.

Since I have been asked a reasonable question and have responded in kind, I would also like to ask a question which will explain, at least for myself, a great skepticism for the events of that evening as told by GZ and his agents.

On April 4th, Robert Zimmerman and both of GZ's attorneys were interviewed on the Sean Hannity show. The following image is the route described as GZ having taken and the sequence of events they say happened between the starting point of being told by the 911 dispatcher "We do not need you to do that", and the end point of GZ supposedly being brutally beaten by TM.

According to the transcript at:

The sequence and travel path are as follows:

(1) ZIMMERMAN: From where George's vehicle was, there's a sidewalk that goes to the next street over.


ZIMMERMAN: Off of that sidewalk there's another sidewalk that goes between two rows of townhomes. It's my understanding that Trayvon went between the two rows of townhomes, and George was walking down the main sidewalk to see if he could see where Trayvon was going.

(2) ZIMMERMAN: When the dispatcher said we know longer need you to do that, and George acknowledged OK. He no longer knew where Trayvon was. So he continued walking down the sidewalk directly in front of him to the next street to get an address

(3) He got an address. He was walking back to his vehicle.

(4) As he was walking back to his vehicle, there was a sidewalk that goes to his left and Trayvon came from that area where the sidewalks meet. He asked my son if he had a problem, and George said, no, I don't have a problem. Trayvon said, well, you do now. He punched him in the face, broke his nose, knocked him to the sidewalk, and got on him and started beating him
Now to a couple of questions.

-We know that GZ got out of his vehicle at point (1) to begin this walk at [2:08] into the 911 call. We have all heard even the door opening pings as he exits the vehicle.

-We also know that the 911 dispatcher told GZ "we don't need you to do that" at [2:26] into the call which was 16 seconds after GZ started to follow TM. At a well document 3 mph walk rate for an adult male, in 16 seconds, he would have walked 70 feet to arrive at point (2).

-We are being told that he continued walking straight ahead to the next street over at point (3) where he obtained an address.

-We are then told that GZ started walking back to his vehicle until he reached the point where the sidewalks meet at point (4) to be brutally beaten by TM.

Since the above post to which I'm commenting apparently has some level of experience with time/distance calculations, I would like to ask two questions.

(a) Please feel free to double check in any scaled map reference that's preferred, but Google Earth plots the distance travelled from point (2) to point (4) as 243 feet.

I couldn't help but notice that in analyzing TM's walk rate to his residence, a rate of 4 minutes per quarter of a mile was applied. Lets apply the same rate to this 243 feet and see how long it would have taken GZ to travel.

.25 miles = 1,320 feet divided by 4 = 330 feet per minute. Since GZ only walked 243 feet, a quick ratio calculation tells us that the total time for GZ to go from point (2) to his brutal beating at point (4) would be 45 seconds.

If we add this time of 45 seconds to his KNOWN beginning time of [2:26] into the 911 call, we are being told that George Zimmerman was being brutally beaten at [3:11], right?

My first question....How was George Zimmerman able to retain his composure enough to continue to carry on his 911 call through this brutal attack in light of the fact that the call lasted four minutes and seven seconds?

My last question....Since GZ has claimed justification in killing an unarmed 17 year old boy by pulling out his pistol and firing one shot into his chest, while being beaten at the point his father tells us the attack happened, how did the body wind up 100 feet away per SPD and SFD at point (5)?


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