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Originally Posted by slowlybutshelly View Post
BW said her route should have been :
1. rt parkside
2. lft congress
3. left st mary
4. to johnson or st landry - to get on bikepath to cajundome bvd.

But she obviously did not do that. I suffice it to say that instead of taking a completely opposite and different route (st john to st landry t oazalea to congress) that she merged what BW thought she did but switched the first half of her ride until she got to st landry. From St landry, I hate to say it but I think she was going to coliseum blvd and cajundome in those desolate fields.
No, BW never said that she would take Parkside to Congress, he had specifically said at one point that she didn't do that. One of the first maps that the news broadcasted last week said that she would typically take a left from Ryan St. to Parkside, then turn Right onto St. John (which turns into St. Landry), and onto Coliseum to the bike path. Then she'd go to Congress, turn left and continue straight until she got to the neighborhood between Guilbeau and Amabassador Caffery, she would cut through there and go straight through the light on Bonaire.

If she turned on to Congress from Parkside, there would be no need to go down St. Mary or Cajundome Blvd, she'd already be on the street that would get her home.
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