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Originally Posted by CJMAJORGIRL24 View Post
I believe that Mr. Gricar was a great man. But even great men make mistakes. I also am familiar with some of his hard fought cases, and his generosities. While I would hope that is what he is remembered for, his actions in 1998 will cloud HIS legacy.

It is also hard to swallow that Mr. Gricar went to the extent of setting up a sting to get Sandusky to confess, and then NOT pursue the case, when Sandusky more than confesses to his actions with the victim. And where is the case file? And who else besides Mike Mediera that worked in Mr. Gricar's office had ties to the monster? And what about Corbett and his ties to all of this? And lets not forget the msising records from Second Mile-where are they? And maybe just maybe the "mystery woman" could be someone involved in all of this? If there is any truth that the monster used Second Mile to "pimp out" young boys to men with money--and Mr. Gricar found out about it, it could be the VERY reason he is no longer with us. jmo
There was all kinds of crazy speculation when this story first broke about Sandusky engaging in child pornography and pimping children out to rich donors. But there is no evidence of anything beyond one perverted old man molesting boys entrusted to his care. The shame is he could have been been stopped. I'm never seen a situation that better proves Edmund Burke's maxim that "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

In the case of RFG, the simplest hypothesis possible is he did nothing, he was ashamed, he walked away.

Edit to add: Here's my challange to everyone posting in this thread, apply Occam's razor and give me a simpler explanation than the hypothesis I suggested.
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