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Page 266 - Preparing for Trial

Then came the attempted public destruction of Laura Buchanan whose arm was twisted to lie so the police could charge me with a crime. When she bravely refused, she was publically castigated by the police and the press. The police made it known that they were investigating her. Didn’t anyone find it strange the police were advertising their investigation?

Laura Buchanan's deposition -page 191

(LDB): They (JB) asked you whether or not you believed that you were the target of a criminal investigation

(LB) Um-hum

(LDB) Where did you get that idea?

(JB) Hold on

LB's attorney then asserts privilege and then LDB comes back with….

(LBD) Did you hear that from one of the prosecutors of the case?

(LB) No ma’am

LDB then asks if OSCO's Allen, Melich and Edwards advised LB of the investigation

(LB) No ma’am

LDB then asks if family, friends or other searchers advised LB of the investigation

(LB) No ma’am
Judgment is not about destruction, but about setting things right.

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