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There is a lot of good stuff in the browser history files that AZlawyer kindly shared with me. Some of it is illuminating, some of it is funny, and some of it is a bit disturbing in some ways.

Let's start with the allegation that George is the one who searched for the term "foolproof suffocation" on the afternoon of June 16, 2008, as Jose Biaz claims in his book. I have not read the book, but as I understand it he gives three reasons why it was George and not Casey who did this search:
  • George claimed Casey had already left for work when the search was done.
  • George is a poor speller, and Google corrected his spelling before doing the search.
  • George had an AIM account and Casey did not. The search was done within seconds of an AIM session being started.
Addressing these in order

  • There is a thread on this site that has a lengthy debate on whether or not George was accurately recalling the events of June 16 or some earlier date (IIRC, the most likely candidate was June 9). I subscribe to the notion that there is no way that George would treat and commit to memory June 16 as it happened any differently than any other day. After 4 weeks, when pressed to recall details of events he had not spent effort to commit to memory, he misremembered. Casey never left that day before George went to work. He probably did not take much notice as he left for work. George's recollection is unreliable.
There is evidence to support this notion. Casey's cell phone pings place her at or near the home the entire time. More importantly, George places a very rare call to Casey at the home around 3:00 PM that day. He does this immediately after attempting a call to her cell (she was on her cell at the time). Why call her at home if he believed she were gone?
  • George is the poor speller and Casey is not? Actually, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Casey misspelled chloroform when she searched for it in March. She misspelled it twice (as chloraform). The misspelling on the 16th of June was "less severe" - "fool-proof" was changed to "foolproof". Basically, the misspelling proves nothing.
  • I have no idea if George had an AIM account, but I know for certain that Casey did. Casey logged in the morning of June 16 at 7:53 AM and started chatting with witeplayboi within minutes. The URL for her AIM Today connection contained the unique identifier "SN=CBOFHLHFFIGCOKCLHKEPCPNDBB&PC=HDLEDICEBJ" and had her login number registered as 215.
Then she logged in again at 10:08 AM with login number of 216, but did not chat with anyone. Another login without chat at 10:14 with login number of 217. Then 1:39 PM with login number of 218. And 2:50 PM with login number of 219. This final login was supposedly George, but it had Casey's unique identifier string and matched her login sequence. All of the logins also contained the unique identifier.
Casey got a call from Jesse Grund two minutes after her last login to AIM, or one minute after the "foolproof suffocation" search. George called the home phone from his cell around 3:03 and hung up when the answering machine picked up. He then immediately called Casey's cell from his cell at 3:04. One could speculate that George - diabolically clever guy that he is - was simply setting up an alibi. Or one could assume George was not at home, knew Casey was, and was trying to reach her while she was on the phone with an ex-boyfriend and online trying to chat with a new one. Which is the simpler explanation?

The evidence supports Casey searching for a method of "foolproof suffocation" just before 3 PM on June 16, not George. The evidence supports George being at work, or close to pulling in the parking lot. Not at the computer.
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