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Originally Posted by JWG View Post
Hey, there is a reason I labelled it Preliminary ...

The reason I went looking for a second program is that the person who wrote the first one said it was quick and dirty and not to blame him if it did not work right. The comments in the second one went out of their way to point out nuances in Mork that made it a "stupid" way to store data.

But that does not really prove anything, does it?

Soooo...I first determined that all records produced by the second program are one hour later than those produced by the first program.

Then, I noticed there was activity on June 17. Casey's cell phone records say she would have been at the house no earlier than 2:18 PM (she is clearly driving at that time) and no later than 4:04 PM.

The newer program says there was Firefox activity from 3:14 PM to 3:27 PM on the 17th. If we were to use the earlier time stamps in the "preliminary" files, the activity would overlap with Casey driving, which is impossible. I've got a bunch of other examples where the newer version lines up perfectly with released evidence, such as phone records, and the old one does not, but the real kicker was the example I just gave - she can't be on the computer if she is not physically there.

So, the newer version is right, and I will scrap the preliminary version.

The fallout from this is that I noticed the Firefox Google searches produced by OCSO have the earlier time stamp. That means they are wrong.

The time stamps we have are the only correct ones out there. You saw them first here on Websleuths.
Now who's gonna tell JB that "his girl" was searching "fool-proof suffication" at 2:50 pm, after George had left for work?

ETA: And who's gonna tell OSCO that their timeline for this search, which they probably didn't use at trial because they figured JB would just blame George, was messed up?

"It would seem to me that June 16, 2008 was the last time that the victim was viewed by her grandparents. It became quite evident that from the OS of the Defense that the 16th was a date of great importance and that a so called time line of activities dealing with CA, LA, GA and ICA on the 16th and what, if any, activities took place on the 15th, 16th and 17th of June on 24 hour cycles would have been, at least, of a minimal requirement of review. I take it at some point you had a computer expert look at that data?" HHJP, 6/21/11
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