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Originally Posted by RR0004 View Post
Thanks, AZ! Have these new records (in their entirety) been posted somewhere here?
No. I obtained the raw internet history data from OSCO, which you would NOT want to try to read, believe me. I did get through some of it, but thankfully JWG had a conversion program that transformed the data into Excel spreadsheets.

I'm sure there's some way to post the spreadsheets, but to be honest I would have misgivings about doing that, because (1) there's a lot of private information in there that I don't think GA and CA need to have floating around the Internet--and there's no practical way to "redact" that information, and (2) they are so easy to misunderstand.

#1 is the same reason I didn't want to post the full unredacted cell phone records way back when, BTW.

#2 is the reason that so many people incorrectly believe (from the partial records released previously) that someone did an internet search for ZFG before Caylee ever went missing. And look how twisted up the facts got when JB tried to read this information.

I think JWG's method of posting sections of the records as needed to prove major points is a good one.

"It would seem to me that June 16, 2008 was the last time that the victim was viewed by her grandparents. It became quite evident that from the OS of the Defense that the 16th was a date of great importance and that a so called time line of activities dealing with CA, LA, GA and ICA on the 16th and what, if any, activities took place on the 15th, 16th and 17th of June on 24 hour cycles would have been, at least, of a minimal requirement of review. I take it at some point you had a computer expert look at that data?" HHJP, 6/21/11
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