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A good lawyer usualy won't ask questions to a witness that he already does not know the answers to.
Lawyers that are good like to play with defendant to never let them settle on a paticular thought.That way the defendant has a harder time figuring out exactly where the lawyer is going with a line of questioning.
Juan knows exactly what hes doing and at key times in the trial he will throw something at the defendant and their defence team that will give them something to think about over the weekend.
As Juan is sitting in court he has a team of helpers with the case that goes through everything with a fine tooth comb.
These case helpers have been doing this for sometime already,checking bank statements,times of event,emails, texts,transaction reciepts, mileage,and hundreds of other things we the public haven't even thought of.
I'm sure Juan will be saving the best proof for last(just before closing arguments)to make sure the jury knows before they deliberate that the murder was premeditated with out any doubt.
Murder cases are like playing poker and you don't show your opposition your hand until the very end.

Personaly I think Juan is doing a good job and I do believe he will spring his trap in due time,He still has the door wide open to bring up most anything he wants.
Remember he has his own team that work behind the scenes.
I also think premeditation will be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.
Our little Jodi will get what she deserves( If I did it I would beg for the death penalty).
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