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Observations on Expert Witness Alyce

I love popping in here to read the insiders observations at the end of the week! It really helps keep this case in perspective. I wanted to point out a few things I observed concerning the "expert witness". First if all initially I was a bit impressed with her CV, that was until I did some digging and listened closely. As a survivor of DV myself she began to loose credibility based on:

1. Her CV states she is a Psychotherapist yet she WAS registered only as a PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSISTANT which was canceled back in 1992. In fact the Dr she worked under back then Dr Charles Stockton had his license revoked back in 1998 for inappropriate sexual behavior with a patient. Alyce is only licensed as far as I can see as a MFC Marriage, Family and Child since 1992 and a Continuing Education Provider since 1997.

2. Her use of improper terms the first days such as "Bottom Lines" instead of Boundaries, "Hostage Syndrome" instead of Stockholm and the non existent "Chronic Combat Syndrome"

3. Much of her information comes from outdated information with her referring back to the 1980's

4. Her amazing ability to have memorized more about JA's own life history and story then JA evens knows herself.

5. The fact that she is "paid" and making over $12,000 for her testimony and time spent with JA

6. Any good DV advocate or person working within that field KNOWS they can not make assumptions as to the abuser without having substantiated evidence. Just because an abused person says it is so does not mean it is so. Even the Women's shelter I eventually fled to back in the 90's had to question MY motives for fleeing with my children and make sure I was not trying to flee with them for custody reasons or there was some other motive involved.

7. Lastly, to state that a child's possibly "neglectful" environment is "abusive" is a very dangerous statement. Just because a child comes from a neglectful home, does not mean that child will be abusive even if that home was abusive. It actually is the opposite in the majority of cases, it sets that child up to be abused as an adult is all. My abusive childhood did not make me abusive, it made me an easy target for abuse.

Sorry so long, but I am disgusted that this women attempts to speak for me or the others I know who are survivors! Men are OFTEN abused but for them to report it makes them appear weak as a man is all.

Keep up the inside work! Love what I read by everyone posting!!!!! I hope this trial ends soon for Travis's family
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