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Originally Posted by Madeleine74 View Post
... The crime happened fast: 62 seconds. No time for ninja poses or anything else. She went after him quickly and viciously, using 2 weapons.
There has been alot of discussion on the "62 second" elapsed time for committing the crime theory. Where this began was in JM's cross examination of JA as the theory of how long it took her to run through the closet, grab the gun, return to shoot TA. We know that JA is a liar, has lied and will lie. Therefore I have decided to impeach her testimony and will consider NONE of what she has said in my decision and simply rely on the evidence.

Now, if we "forget" what she said in response to the 62 seconds and simply look at the evidence we can see that the portion crime that was inadvertently recorded and subsequently deleted from the camera took at least 3 minutes and 2 seconds.

If you'd like to review my analysis, I used the testimony of Det. Michael Melendez, Mesa PD given on Day 6 of the trial. You can find it in Tawni Dilly's youtube video stream as "Day 6 Part 2" and the detective begins to present his testimony on the deleted images at approx. 10:53 into the recording.

For the timeline of the murder I used exhibits #141-163 and their respective times as noted on the date/time stamp from the camera.

Exhibits #141-160 were on the memory stick of the camera and had not been deleted.

Exhibit #141 timestamp 5:22:24
Exhibit #160 timestamp 5:30:30
- elapsed time 8 minutes 6 seconds (these are photos in the bedroom of JA, TA, and shower)

Exhibits #161, 162, and 163 were deleted from the camera's memory stick but recovered from the unallocated portion of the memory stick by Det. Melendez)

Exhibit 161: "the bathroom ceiling picture showing light and upper wall" timestamp 5:31:14 - This image was recorded 44 seconds after the last "normal" image of TA's face as he is seated in the shower looking to his right directly into the camera lens. There is no testimony of what happened in the 44 seconds between #160 and #161. Det. Melendez testified that there was no way to tell if photos were taken during a time period and deleted if they had been overwritten by another image. That said, something was happening in the 44 seconds between Exhibit #160 and #161 but we cannot speculate as to what was happening. What we do know is that the camera was right-side up and held at approx. 2-3' above the floor when this image was taken.

Exhibit #162: this is the picture of TA's body, JA's foot, some blood and is taken on a tile floor. Melendez testified the camera was upside down and on the floor when this image was taken. Image is timestamped 5:32:16. This image is 62 seconds later than Exhibit #161 and is the focus of JM's cross examination of JA where the "62 seconds to run to the closet to get the gun etc" began. However, we know that is NOT when JA went to get the gun, not only because she lies but because the evidence shows in this photo that TA is already bleeding from at least ONE wound on the front of his body. We can see blood trails from his chest area traveling over his right shoulder and toward the floor. IF TA had been shot at this time we would see blood from the right-side head wound in this pic. Also TA sustained a stab wound to the right-side of the back of his neck. Blood trails in this picture do not indicate this non-fatal neck wound has yet been inflicted. IMO TA is still very much alive in this picture, having not yet sustained the fatal wound to his vena cava nor the throat slashing wound. Also IMO this picture was taken during the struggle where TA is fighting for his life - will explore the "whys" of this later.

Exhibit # 163 timestamp 5:33:32 (baseboard closeup) Camera on the floor and upside down. This image is taken 1 minute 16 seconds after #162. Something was happening and the shutter on the camera opened and recorded this image. We can speculate that the camera was bumped or touched and the image recorded.

My temporary conclusion on timestamped evidence photos:
- If you believe the attack began at 5:31:14 (when Ex. 161 was taken) then there is at least a 2 minute 18 second interval (Ex 163) that documents a portion of the attack on TA.

- If you believe "something" happened while TA is in the shower and you use the timestamp from Ex 160 (5:30:30) then there is a 3 minute 2 second period of time where the attack on TA is documented.

With at least 3 minutes documented we have still not covered the massive blood stain in the hall nor the time is would have taken TA to travel from the bathroom where the attack began toward the bedroom (and possibly out of the house to safety) where I believe the final mortal stab wounds were inflicted. (Will give my reasoning for that in another post)

So, did TA fight for his life for a "mere" 62 seconds or did he fight for his life for at least 3 minutes 2 seconds as documented by the photos recovered from the camera or did the attack continue from the bathroom to the hallway and take longer than 3 minutes 2 seconds? How long does a man need to fight for his life to convince the jury of Murder 1?

~More later on this folks.
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