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Originally Posted by scubagrannie View Post
I must disagree with you on this. The blood that is seen in this picture is not from the neck slashing wound. The blood volume is a trickle as seen in the photo. The gaping neck wound that severed both carotid arteries and both juglular veins would have sent blood shooting/spurting into the air in massive volumes. If you need to visualize the type of arterial bleeding that happens when a major artery is severed I will locate a surgical website for you. Otherwise, I'm going to rely on MHO that most individuals who are not in the medical profession will see a minor wound that is bleeding and think :OMG MASSIVE BLOOD LOSS: That is simply because most people have never seen/experienced a person with an arterial bleed. Arterial wounds can shoot blood several feet into the air if inflicted while a person is still alive (heart beating) and has sufficient blood volume left in the body (has not exsanguinated).

I'm not trying to belittle you or say anything negative about you, Madeline74. It's just your information on the blood loss from the neck wound does not coincide with the medical known facts for an arterial bleed.
The ME already identified the blood on his shoulder as coming from the neck wound. It was also established that his neck was cut while he was in the area of the bedroom carpet where there was massive blood loss from the throat injury. The picture that was taken in the hallway that shows the blood on his shoulder is believed to have happened when she tried to get him back down the hallway because it was taken while he was on the tile floor and she had turned him. The last picture shows she did turn him and was dragging him back to the bathroom because you can see the corner of the closet door that leads into the bathroom along with his shoulder. Have you watched the ME's testimony from court?
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