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So the meeting with ALV and Judge S I feel certain was related to what happened right after she requested a break, just before the normal 3pm break time.

I sat there and watched her walk off the stand and the entire family had left except Sam was still sitting there in her seat on the aisle. ALV walked directl to her, leaned in and started "close talking " with her. I instantly went in to protection mode so stood right there wondering WTH is she doing? She then stood up and did some kind of arm move and shrug that would be something you'd do if you were saying something like "well what can we do?".

What I know is this is ILLEGAL. Any representative for the defense CANNOT by law contact a victim/victim's family due to the Victim's Bill of Rights. I was incensed!

All of the journalists were fixated on Juror 5 so no one really caught it.

How dare she??? I walked right out and told Bill and then the ABC news reporter I'd been talking to earler. They all wanted to know what ALV said but I wasn't gonna butt in like that,her just approaching her AT ALL is so wrong. And illegal! I did approach Sam and Aunt Heather at the end of the break and asked if she was ok and reminded her she has legal rights to NOT be contacted like that. The nerve!

She said "Juan's taking care of it". So I'm quite sure that's what happened at the end of the day.

How dare she? She just sat up there trashing Travis then she wants to alleviate her guilt so she approaches Samantha? Yes, this is confirming my diagnosis of narcissism.

so that's that. My arms are killing me right now....arrrgh!

thank you for inspiring me travis alexander

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